Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Breed: 10 Interesting Facts To Know

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed has Russian root and originates from a cross between the Donskoy and the Scottish Fold cat breeds.

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed originates from a cross between the Donskoy and the Scottish Fold cat breeds. Generally speaking, these cats have a reputation for being kind, curious, and playful. These felines might be available for adoption at shelters and rescues. If you’re hoping to get one of these cats into your home, you should not go shopping. These cats are great companion animals for families, and they especially enjoy the company of kids. They are also suited for city inhabitants because of their ability to thrive in compact quarters. Keep in mind that a hairless cat may have slightly different maintenance needs than a short or long-haired cat.

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Breed: 10 Facts To Know

1. History

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat has Russian roots, with its narrative beginning in 2004. As a cat breeder, Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova wanted to do something new, so she crossed a Scottish Fold with a Donskoy.

With her accomplishment, a new breed of cat was introduced to the world of cat fanciers. The resulting kittens were hairless and had floppy ears. Sphynx and Oriental Shorthair cats were among the later outcrosses employed.

The Ukrainian Levkoy got its name because, like the Levkoy plant’s leaves, the ears of the hybrid cat look like they’ve been folded inward. As a new and very rare breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy remains exceedingly difficult to find. Breeders in Ukraine and Russia are hard at work developing and standardizing the breed and interested individuals can register their cats with the International Cat Fanciers’ Association and exhibit them at ICFA events. The Ukrainian Levkoy cat has not been officially recognized by major international cat registries.

2. Characteristics

The Ukrainian Levkoy is frequently compared to the naked Siamese cat or the Sphynx in terms of its body type and appearance. The breed is distinguished by its long and proportionate body, which includes long, agile legs, a slender tail, a wedge-shaped head, huge, upturned ears, oblique eyes, and hairless, wrinkled skin.

Even though the cat doesn’t have any hair, it’s nevertheless protected by a layer of velvety down. Hairless breeds are more fragile, though, especially when exposed to heat or cold temperatures. In addition to being more vulnerable to harm, they also require more frequent bathing than other breeds. Ukrainian Levkoys have strikingly angular faces that sets them apart from other breeds.

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed is an almost hairless cat often compared to an adorable alien. Hairless cats, such as the Ukrainian Levkoy, need a little more “tender loving care” when it comes to the grooming process. A high-protein food is essential for your cat’s health and temperature regulation. Get the lowdown from your vet about sunscreens that are safe for cats.

Last but not least, the Ukrainian Levkoy requires a bath at least once a month to maintain a balance in the oils that develop on their skin. Most Ukrainian Levkoys require heating because of the cold weather. You might even want to try acquiring some cat sweaters to make sure your mixed-breed cat doesn’t get too cold.

3. Size

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a midsize cat. It’s possible that specific sizing guidelines will change from place to place. Female Ukrainian Levkoys are typically notably smaller than males, and both sexes typically weigh between eight and twelve pounds.

4. Traits

These cats have a medium-to-long, lean build, with long legs and an overall muscular appearance. The owners of Ukrainian Levkoys sometimes joke that their pets’ heads resemble canines more than felines. Whiskers on Ukrainian Levkoy cats are typically short and wavy. Really, any color you can imagine is fair game for a coat. They can be any color or pattern you like because of the abundance of options.

The ears are roundedly curled forward and down, and they frequently do not contact the head. Although some breeders shy away from utilizing Levkoy cats with straight ears for breeding, these cats are essential to the evolution of the breed. When two-fold-eared cats breed, the resulting kittens are at risk for developing skeletal abnormalities. This necessitates that one of the parents has perfectly straight ears, while the other parent should have all the other standard breed characteristics.

The eyes of a Ukrainian Levkoy cat are typically big and almond shaped. It doesn’t matter what color their eyes are, as long as they behave similarly, they are still considered to be a legitimate member of the breed. The tail of such a pet is long and whippy, but otherwise slender, and it typically tapers to a sharp point. Some Levkoy cats can grow to be very large in stature. Although the breed standard may allow for up to 12 pounds, these dogs often stay under 15 pounds. You may expect them to live anywhere from 12-15 years and 8-10 inches tall.

The Ukrainian Levkoy stands out right away due to his excessive curiosity. They are incredibly curious creatures who relish the opportunity to investigate any and all hidden corners of their local setting. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a social cat that will benefit from having other pets or children in the home due to its high level of playfulness.

5. Health

As a breed, Ukrainian Levkoys are thought to be generally healthy, yet they can be susceptible to the same diseases as Donskoys and Scottish Folds. Keep your cat healthy by taking it in for checkups at the vet often. Despite the absence of known breed-specific health issues, it is important to remain vigilant for any indications that your Ukrainian Levkoy may be in discomfort.

According to research, Ukrainian Levkoys cats are prone to developing the same diseases that plague their Scottish Fold and Donskoy forebears. Due of the novelty of the breed, it has not yet been linked to any particular health issues. Diseases include polycystic kidney disease, cardiomyopathy, and osteochondrodysplasia can be inherited from their Scottish Fold ancestors.

Everything from ectodermal dysplasia to periodontal disease and tooth decay can be passed down to your Levkoy from their Donskoy ancestors. You should realize that cats rarely display symptoms of illness until the condition has developed and become hard to treat if you are fortunate enough to become a Levkoy owner. Therefore, even when your Levkoy is still young, you should take her to the vet at least once a year to ensure that her yearly immunization schedule is up to date. A senior Levkoy cat need extra attention, thus annual checks may need to be increased to twice or even three times a year.

6. Care

When caring for this type of cat, there are two main points to remember. In this regard, they have two distinct needs, one of which involves the unique characteristics of their ears, and the other of which concerns the maintenance and care of their skin. Ukrainian Levkoy cats can get an ear and cartilage mutation from their Scottish Fold ancestry. Maintaining routine veterinary checks for your Ukrainian Levkoy is, like it is for other cats, essential for early detection of any health issues.

Your veterinarian can advise you on the best way to care for your cat. In addition to taking your Ukrainian Levkoy cat in for annual checkups at the vet, it’s a good idea to provide it with a scratching post. This is especially useful for a curious crossbred cat, as it can encourage healthy scratching and maintain the quality of the cat’s nails.

According to vets, the ears of a Ukrainian Levkoy should be checked on a regular basis for signs of dirt buildup and illness. Have a chat with your vet about a regular teeth-brushing routine that is tailored to your Ukrainian Levkoy. A veterinarian can recommend products and procedures they feel comfortable using. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a hybrid breed, therefore it is only natural that it would like to have a cat tree to climb and play on. This can help prevent behavioral problems by keeping the cat active and engaged.

7. Grooming

Many cat owners mistakenly believe that Levkoy cats require little to no grooming since they have so little hair. Sunscreen should be applied to your pet’s skin whenever they spend time outdoors, whether it’s in your yard or on an adventure. Otherwise, they risk sunburn and other skin problems from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Evidently, you should always use a sunscreen formulated specifically for cats, rather than using human sunscreen, as the two offer different levels of protection and the latter may contain additives and smells that are harmful to a cat’s health. Sunscreens designed for humans and those designed specifically for cats have different SPF values, and the latter may also contain chemicals like dyes and perfumes that are harmful to cats.

8. Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Breed Diet

Any cat and Levkoy cat can be fed one of three basic types of food:

• Mixed

• Industrial

• Raw cat food

• Organic

In this case, a natural diet, such as raw cat food, would be best. If you want to splurge, you may always go with the premium dry or canned variety. The formulas of some are designed with hairless cats in mind. The health of your Levkoy can suffer from an improper diet, therefore refrain from giving it human food. Cats might have serious responses if they eat sugar, salt, sauces, or spices. You shouldn’t give your Levkoy the same food as your dog, either, because dog foods tend to be very high in carbohydrates. You undoubtedly already know that cats, being carnivores, require a diet high in meat and fat.

9. Children and other Pets

If you have young children, the Ukrainian Levkoy is a great choice of cat. Make sure that appropriate limits are established and that there is early socialization on both ends. Cats and young children can be great playmates, but adults should always keep an eye on the situation. The friendly Ukrainian Levkoy gets along well with most other pets because of his outgoing personality.

Make sure the new cat is introduced to other pets under supervision. Sometimes the dynamics of these pairings are quite sensitive to the personality of the creatures involved. It’s important to start socializing this hybrid cat as soon as possible. When you bring your Ukrainian Levkoy home to meet the family, be sure to shower them with praise and treats for being well-behaved.

10. How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Ukrainian Levkoy Cat in the US?

The price range for Ukrainian Levkoy cats is between $400 and $800.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats make wonderful companions due to their lovable personality and persistent need for attention and play. It’s true that they require more attention than some other breeds of cat, particularly when it comes to grooming. You won’t ever look back on adopting a Levkoy cat with regret.