6 Best Quality Cat Trees 2023

Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 03:16 am

Photo of my cat Max sitting on one of the best quality cat trees that I bought last summer
Image Credit: Madalyn Cox/Unsplash

Purchasing a cat tree might seem like an extravagant move, but it has some health benefits for your cat. A cat tree is a way of relaxing your cat’s mind. The climbing up and down activity helps the cat stay active and busy. Some health benefit of the cat tree is that your cat will exercise, which is good for the overall health of your cat. If you are a timid cat owner, a cat tree can provide a safe space when the cat wants to relax alone. There are many types of cat trees in the market, and you need to consider a wide range of factors before making up your mind. This factor includes the holding weight, stability, material and construction, and size. Here are some top-reviewed best quality cat trees you may want to consider.

#1. On2Pets Cat Condo, Large & Square-Based

On2Pet condo is among the best quality cat trees that provide your cat with a safe space. This cat tree is designed to support cats up to a 32lb in weight.


On2Pet condo is among the best quality cat trees that provide your cat with a safe space. This cat tree is designed to support cats up to a 32lb in weight. The parts are easy to assemble within 15 minutes, no need for extra tools for installation. The products are manufactured in the USA. The company has incorporated quality machines and highly skilled local artisans to manufacture the cat tree.

Key Features/ Benefits

  • The cat tree gives your cat a natural feeling. Most indoor cats are not used to the outdoor world. This does not mean that they do not need the outdoor sense. Buying a tree top for your cat ensures that your cat can climb up and down and enjoy playing around the tree. Your cat will have an outdoor experience without endangering itself with the outside environment.
  • The cat tree is made from quality material. The cat tree is handcrafted that looks to deliver joy to your cat. The handcrafted material can be used for an extended period without damage or tear. The material is non-toxic to your cat, thus ensuring safety. The cat tree can be available in different sizes depending on the size of your cat.
  • It offers your cat a way to explore around. The cat tree imitates a real tree. It has rough surfaces that your cat can scratch and jump from one place to another. This will help your cat get a clear mood and reduce stress or anxiety.
  • The perfect way for a workout. A cat or any other animal should work out to maintain a healthy life. The cat builds strong muscles by stretching around the tree, which will lengthen its life span. Exercise for the cat also ensures that your cat does not risk acquiring diseases like heart issues.

#2. Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats

Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats offer a modern looking cat tree that looks like a real tree. All parts are replaceable and easy to clean and maintain.


The Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree is one of the best quality cat trees and it is perfect for cats weighing up to 23 pounds. It can further hold several small cats. The quality material used to make the cat tree is quality and sturdy. The material is meant to serve you and your cat for several years. The cat tree parts are replaceable and available in most stores. If you notice that the cat tree is wearing out, replace the parts and keep it looking new for years. If you experience issues with the cat tree, their support systems are ready to help you. This brand aims to deliver 100% satisfaction and ensure you and your cat are happy.


  • Easy to clean and maintain. The cat tree contains removable cushions that can be washed via washing machine. You can decide to get extra colors to exchange. It would help if you left the cushions to dry out completely to prevent them from making the cat tree dump and moist.
  • The cat tree has a beautiful and unique design that can enhance the décor of your living space. The unique design beats most cat furniture. It has two beautiful trunks that support two woven baskets. The basket has very soft and comfortable pillows where your cats can sleep or relax.
  • The cat tree has a one-year warranty. If further has a 45-day risk-free trial. After buying a cat tree that does not meet your cat’s needs, you can return it and get a full refund of the amount used for the purchase. The one-year warranty will serve you in case you experience functional issues. For warranty, you must present full damage proof through video or photo.
  • The cat tree offers your cat a luxurious place to nap and plays when bored. The cat tree supports scratching and jumping, which keeps your cat happy and active during the day.

#3. FEANDREA 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree is a tall cat tree for cats who like to climb high. The product is perfect for people who own multiple cats.


Every cat requires a place to play, chill, and nap and give the cat some safe, private space. FEANDREA cat tree is among the best cat trees that allow your cat to cool off and relax from a busy day. The cat tree can be a playground with two condos that can offer your cat an elegant napping time. It has three plush perches that have raised edges. It allows your cat’s head to relax as they watch over the house. The cat tree has sisal-covered ropes to scratch and make playtime fun.


  • The cat tree has strong stability to prevent the cat tree from getting damaged or falling when the cat is having fun. The cat tree is constructed with particleboard, and patterns are used to enhance strength on the bottom. It ensures that the cat tree has complete stability. To provide better security, anti-toppling is fitted.
  • The cat tree has sisal-covered scratching ropes for fun. The sisals are strong enough to ensure that they do not wear out within a short period. The sisal ropes promote cat exercises which are great for their health.
  • Upon purchase, your cat will acquire a large cat tower where it can sit and observe your activities. The cat tree contains two perches and a thick scratching board that can entertain small and large cats. The cat tree is covered with soft plush to offer comfort for your cat.
  • The tree cat enhances your living room look. It is best to place the cat tree at the corner of the house. Avoid humid environments that may cause damage to the cat tree.

#4. FEANDREA 22 Inches Cat Tree For Large Cats

FEANDREA 22 Inches Cat Tree For Large Cats offer 2 condos for anyone who has 2 cats


The FEANDREA cat tree is ranked as one of the best quality cat trees for providing enough room for your cat’s activities. The cat can nap, play, jump, and scratch, among other activities. The cat tree has thickened scratching and stretch posts that allow your cat to jump, climb, scratch, and enhance muscle development, especially for growing kittens. The natural sisal rope is durable and thus cannot get damaged after scratching activities. Your timid cat will have a way to pass the time as they relax on the porch. The cat tree has a duo condo that creates enough space for more than one cat.


  • There is maximum space for your cat. The cat tree has two condos that can allow your cat to relax and play. The apartment can further hold more than a tiny cat. Your cat gets enough space for activities, no matter its size.
  • The cat tree is stable enough to hold heavy cats. The cat tree is made of solid material to ensure stability even when the cat is jumping, or kittens are playing. There are top fittings to ensure maximum security for your cat. There are several entrances to provide cleaning, and maintenance is quickly done.
  • The cat tree is cozy to provide your cat with a place for cat naps and hideouts. The pillows can be replaced in case they are worn out or begin to tear. The cushions should be washed frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt that may cause health issues to your cat.
  • The cat tree can be shared among several cats. If the cats are medium-sized, they can have enough room to play and scratch. The cat tree ensures that your cats learn how to share living space. The sisal ropes will be a source of entertainment for your cats.

#5. HapyKitys Wall Mounted Cat Tree With Hammock

Hapykitys Wall mounted Cat Tree With Hammock offers stability since it is mounted into the wall. The product is suitable for cats who like to climb high and like to scratch.


Every kitten needs a tall tree, even if it is an indoor cat. This cat tree with hammock is among the best quality cat trees that offer your cat relaxation. Cats require vertical and elevated areas so they can feel safe and comfortable as they carry out their activities. This cat tree with hammock is 70 inches tall. The height is ideal for providing your cat with enough climbing and scratching space. The cat will get enough space to scratch the claws and exercise their bodies. Exercises for your indoor cat will ensure that it does not become obese.


  • The simple cat tree has a simple design that blends with your furniture. It is a good solution for people with minimal living space. It ensures your cat has privacy and somewhere to do napping, climbing, and other activities. The cat tree has small footprints that give your apartment a lucrative look.
  • The cat tree has a safety wall mounted design. The cat tree allows your cat to have a safe experience while relaxing or napping. The cat can remain in the same room for a whole day, just like a kid. The cat tree fits perfectly in the corner of your house where your cat can watch birds and squirrels play from the perch.
  • The cat tree is easy to assemble. You need to mount into STUD for stability and ensure that it faces the same side as the cat board. There are more videos prepared by the seller that will help you with the installation process. It will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process.

#6. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House & Weatherproof

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House & Weatherproof can hold multiple kittens and large cats. The product offers safety, feeding and playing space for your cats


The Petsfit cat house is one of our best quality cat trees for outdoor environment. It offers safety, feeding, and playing space for your kitten. The cat house can hold multiple kittens and large cats. During winter, you should place the heating pad in the cat house to provide enough warmth. During rainy seasons, put the cat house under a porch or enclosed area to ensure that you can use the cat house for an extended period.


  • The cat house is sturdy to use whereby is made of quality material. The base has water-based coating and has thicker panels for all weather. The roofing is made from asphalt, preventing water from accessing the inside. The floor is raised to protect it against rainy days.
  • Offers complete protection for your cats. The house is an excellent place to hide from predators or hide from playing mates. The enclosure walls are made of boards milled with angels that ensure they fit well and prevent water from accessing the house.
  • The cat house is convenient to use. It would be best to use pre-drilled holes to assemble the house efficiently. The top part can be used as a perch whereby your cat can relax and watch over you. The perch can also serve as a feeding place where the dog or birds cannot access the cat’s food. The roof board is removable, thus ensuring that you can clean the house quickly.
  • Fast delivery. It will be delivered within 3-6 business days after ordering and paying for the cat house. The cat house is packed in the best way possible to prevent it being damaged during the transportation process. If some parts are damaged, feel free to contact their customer care services, who will get back to you within 24 hours.


A cat tree will give your cat the best exercise to keep them healthy. And for that reason, you need to find one that matches your cat’s needs and preferences as we pointed out in the introduction section. It is essential to place your cat tree in the corner to match the decoration of your living room. Your cat will gain a comfortable stay and privacy. Wash them after two weeks for cat trees with cushions to maintain hygiene. We hope that this article on the best quality cat trees will go a long way in enabling you to make the right buying decision.

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