Minskin Cat Breed: 12 Facts To Know

Minskin cat breed originated from 4 other cat breeds blending. Less fur makes them distinct from other cats.

Getting a new pet is a big decision that requires proper research and time. Cats are one of the most loved pets and have many breeds, including Minskin. The Minskin cat breed has been slowly finding its way into many homes. Their popularity has grown fast, considering it is an alarming new breed. It is an offspring of 4 breeds that have contributed to its outlook and personality in one way or another. They are mostly known for their tiny physique, big eyes, tiny legs, less fur, and affectionate and friendly personality. Dive in to find out interesting facts about Minskin cats and determine whether it is the pet for you.

12 Facts To Know About The Minskin Cat Breed

1. Their history

Paul Richard McSorley came up with the Minskin breed idea in 1998 in Boston. His vision was to have a cat with less fur at the legs, ears, and tail, short legs, and a torso, neck, and belly that are less densely covered.

To achieve this, he used the Munchkin cat and the Sphynx. The Munchkin was chosen due to its short legs resulting from a healthy dominant gene. In contrast, the Sphynx has lesser fur, which gives them the hairless trait based on their healthy recessive gene. A blend between the two breeds was unsuccessful because their health-dominant genes needed to match.

After winning the Burmese and Dexon Rec cats, he developed a Minskin breeding program. In 2000, Richard was able to get a Minskin cat that met his standards. Five years later, approximately fifty cats met the goal of the Minskin cats registered by TICA (The International Cat Association). This breed got recognized in 2008 under the Preliminary New Breed (PNB) title though it is being monitored in TICA to achieve the Advanced New Breed title.

2. They have a unique appearance

Minskin cats are close to the surface since their legs are three inches shorter than in ordinary cats. Their scant coat of fur is denser on their outer extremities and gives them a special coat characteristic of “fur-points” that distinguish the mask, legs, ears, and tail. Their torso has less hair giving them a cashmere look. Its features include a tiny to moderate semi-cobby lean body, a round head, huge ears with narrow tips, and a small broad nose with conspicuous whisker pads. They also have large, round, and widely spaced eyes that have a relaxed, attentive look.

3. Their lifespan

Despite being tiny and adorable, these felines have a long lifespan, contrary to what is expected of small cats. According to the animal life expectancy, the Minskin cat breed can live for about twelve to fourteen years. This breed has been around for 20 years; thus, you will find are either 1st or 2nd generation cats.

4. It is easy to groom them

Since minskins have less fur, they do not shed easily. Utilize a quality antifungal shampoo made for pets that are verified by a vet when you are giving them baths. There is no need to bother about brushing minskins because of their sparse hair. Wipe the coat clean when necessary and cover them with a warm towel after baths. Their ears should be cleaned frequently to avoid infections since they have big ears. Nail trimming and teeth brushing are further grooming necessities.

5. They are energetic, but you can easily train and exercise them

Minskins enjoy running around, jumping, climbing, and getting onto or into most objects in your house. However, they are very simple to train if you begin when they are young. If you don’t offer them enough things to focus on, they are very intelligent cats and will invent their activities. Furthermore, maintaining your Minskin cat’s health and preventing obesity requires keeping them active.

You need to spend at least 30 minutes each day alone with the cat to strengthen your relationship and promote more playtime. Most of them are trainable to stroll along on a leash. They should always be supervised as this poses a severe risk to their safety. They have a higher chance of learning things through consistent training as it helps them recall easily. The Minskin cat breed is clever, likes to be around people, and is extremely adventurous, so training should be easy after regular training. Giving them treats during training is encouraged; however, be careful to feed them a lot of treats and monitor their calorie intake.

6. Minskins are social

They are renowned for being excellent among families, especially kids and other pets. Minskin cat breeds are interesting and gentle, so kids of almost any age can enjoy them. They also typically have a favorable attitude toward strangers, making them a wonderful fit for houses that host many visitors. These cats get along well with other pets thanks to their liveliness and versatility. With a smooth introduction to other pets, the pets will be at ease to interact, and it will be easy for the family to get used to it. These felines’ enjoyment will last for hours thanks to their athletic vitality, which is fun to look at. As Minskins appear to be most at ease with tight relationships, reports indicate that they demand a lot of human friendships. This cat should be supervised for an extended amount of time.

7. What they eat

Since they are carnivores, the Minskin cat breed requires food with high protein. Please go for the food brands suggested by your vet. Kittens under 30 weeks old, and need three meals per day, primarily milk-based. Feed them two meals a day of either dry or wet food as soon as they are beyond 30 weeks though under 12 months old. Even though they mostly eat protein, you can sneak in fruit or treat in their diet as long as they are willing to eat it. Clean water is important for these cats; thus, give them fresh water every day in a bowl. Great food recommendations include turkey, chicken, seafood, oats, apples, cottage cheese, and more. They should never eat chocolate, onions, cow milk, eggplants, hard foods like bones, and river fish. Spot Pet Insurance advises breaking their food into tiny pieces, as toddlers cannot chew their food well.

8. Their cost

They go for about 1500 to 5000 dollars as they are a rare breed. Finding cats available for sale is tricky as a result of the developing breeding program that is ongoing. Breeders also have a list of Minskin orders made; thus, owning one may take a long time.

9. Health problems they face

Like other cats, this breed is prone to various health issues due to genetics. Minskin does not have many health-related problems though they are yet to be discovered since the cat is a new breed. They can face minor issues like lordosis, where their spine grows abnormally, causing their spine to go down the body. Severe health conditions they can face include obesity and pectus excavatum. The Pectus excavatum is where tissues connected to the sternum malfunction resulting in an irregular and narrow chest.

Since they are made from Sphynx and Devon Rex cats that suffer from heart problems, they may also have the same problems. A common health problem they face is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, where heart muscles broaden and increase the heart size. Less fur exposes these cats to bruises and makes them prone to yeast infections. They may also develop ear infections, eye irritation, and increased diet during summer.

10. The Breed has a recognition controversy

The Cat Fanciers Association does not accept the breed as valid; however, the International Cat Association does. The conflict appears to come down to a debate over the morality of breeding particular dwarf cats in particular.

11. They are used to a stable environment

This feline detests relocating as it makes them feel uneasy with the new surroundings. They are a great option for people with their own homes, not those who switch homes from time to time.

12. They are indoor cats

Minskins are susceptible to several risks outdoors, much like other hairless or short-haired cats. Minskins are particularly susceptible to sunlight. However, they could be more well insulated against the cold. This kitten will therefore need to exercise extreme caution when playing outside unless it’s an exceptionally warm day and there is a suitable spot that is shaded.


Minskin is an adorable breed that originated from 4 other cat breeds blending. Less fur makes them distinct from other cats though it may also threaten their health. You will have easy maintenance with this furry friend as they have fewer grooming requirements. You will always be satisfied with a Minskin around as they are very friendly and playful. They can live long with a good diet full of proteins and fewer calories. Being a new breed, it has captured a lot of attention thanks to its unique features. I hope this article has given all the information you need to consider in case you are planning on getting one.