Is There A Birth Control Pill For Cats?

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 04:08 am

Is There A Birth Control Pill For Cats? Yes, there are some birth control pills available for your cats. All you have to do is choose a birth control method that will work for your pet.
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Do you think you have too many kittens in your home? Or perhaps you don’t want your cat to have babies. If that is the case, you can consider neutering or spaying your cat, but what if you don’t want that? It’s hard for fur parents to accept unwanted pregnancies for pets. It’s like when your child gets pregnant early, and you are now in the position of not knowing what to do. Now, that leads to the question, “is there a birth control pill for cats?”.

The answer is Yes. There are some birth control pills that your vet can give you if you don’t want surgical procedures to stop your cat from getting pregnant. However, it is less effective than the ones for people as they are still working on improving it. Your vet will prescribe natural techniques or even medications to keep your cats from being pregnant. This article will discuss birth control pills for your cats, how you can purchase them, and what you need to consider first.

Why do we use Birth Control Pills for Cats?

Like people, our pets can also go through puberty. I know it’s a bit odd, especially if this is your first pet. Most people thought pets didn’t have to go through puberty and hormones like us, but they do. According to vets, cats have female and male sex hormones and go through maturity, usually at 6-12 months. Pretty early? But in pet years, it’s okay.

Now, let’s have a mix of anatomy and reality to explain it in the simplest way. We all know that cats can give birth to many kittens in their lifetime. That’s why there are a lot of stray cats, and they keep growing in numbers every day. When cats reach their maturity age, they can start to mate and give birth, usually 3-5 kittens per birth. Seems cute, right? But you’ll begin to notice the problem when they keep growing in numbers.

Since cats can give birth many times, many fur parents consider neutering or spaying their cats. Honestly speaking, it’s the best way. Neutering and Spaying your cat is safe and considered a routing procedure, so you can be sure that your cat will be safe and sound even after the procedure. Now, we know many people don’t want their cats to go under the knife, so they want to have oral contraceptives as an option. 

A birth control pill for cats exists in the market called Megestrol Acetate. Megestrol Acetate is considered safe for our cats, but it can only be taken during your cat’s heat cycle. Some vets also considered using antigen medications that should be taken 30 days before their heat cycle. Don’t worry; when veterinarians offer a particular birth control pill medication, they will walk you through it. They will tell you when and how you should use it for your cats. They are safe, but as fur parents, take some precautions, as your cat shouldn’t take these medications for a long time. This leads us to one of our solid pieces of advice: consider neutering and spaying. It is still the best way.

Megestrol Acetate (MA) as a Birth Control Pill

Megestrol Acetate (MA) is a pill commonly used by veterinarians in the United States. It is usually administered as a liquid syrup or a pill, depending on your preference. Now, we don’t want to be technical in explaining how this drug is produced or how it reacts scientifically. So, to keep it short and simple, Megestrol Acetate keeps your cat from being in heat and stops the estrus cycle. Of course, the next cycle will still happen, as it can only control the current heat cycle. That said, your cat should continuously take it every time she goes through her estrus cycle.

Veterinarians use MA as a short-term contraceptive, usually for cats in shelters and adoption centers. Don’t worry; your vet will only prescribe a low dose of this contraceptive, so it won’t affect your cat a lot. So far, there are no negative effects recorded for this contraceptive, but it has to be taken as an emergency contraceptive only. Your cat shouldn’t use it for a lifetime. It’s also important to note that this medicine shouldn’t be used on cats with existing medical conditions such as tumors, UTI, diabetes, and pregnancy.

What are the Risks of Using Birth Control Pills?

Contraceptives can have negative effects on cats. As of now, it is still not proven to have adverse effects as most of the contraceptive drugs are still experimental. It will not happen to every single cat, but it is still possible for them to have negative effects. The longer your cat uses birth control pills, the higher the chance it’ll contract diseases. That is why, as previously mentioned, you shouldn’t use birth control pills for your cats for a long time. It has to be done temporarily only. Here are some possible negative medical effects your cat might encounter if she continuously uses contraceptives for a long time.

  • Diabetes
  • Uterus infections
  • Pyometra
  • Liver and kidney problems
  • Cancer

Medical pills react to animals the same that they respond to people. Without proper moderation, it can cause tons of problems, especially liver and kidney problems. Be sure to check in with your vets and ask about the appropriate way to use birth control pills.

Are There Any Natural Birth Control Techniques?

The best birth control technique you can give to your cat is neutering and spaying. You can ask everyone, and they will say the same thing. As cats can’t control their mating and always go on creating baby kittens, the best way possible is to stop the baby creation altogether. Since birth control pills don’t guarantee that your cat won’t produce kittens anymore, the best way to control them is by neutering and spaying.

There are also some old beliefs about using wild carrot seeds for your pets. It’s a worldwide belief, and animals are said to use it for a very long time without any negative effects. But honestly, it is not proven effective as a contraceptive. Fur parents who don’t believe entirely in medicines and surgeries will love using wild carrot seeds. But again, we need to stress this more; it is not proven effective. Before giving your cat anything, consult a vet and do some research to avoid negative and harmful effects. 

You can also try to stop your cat from going outside and trying to mate with other cats. Aside from neutering and spaying, abstinence might be the best way. However, be reminded that cats in heat will do everything to find a mate. So, even if you kept them inside the house, there’s a possibility that they will find their way out of your prison.


To sum up, there are existing birth control pill for cats in the market that can be prescribed by your vet, but they will only be as effective as getting your pets neutered and spayed. This is because the birth process can worsen their body in the long run. We love our pets, and the best way to help them is to give them the best care we can provide. That includes ensuring that they won’t use up their body to create a lot of kittens.

We hope this article gave you the information you need about birth control pills for cats, and we hope that you understand how they work, the possible side effects, and why people and some vets use them. Remember, the best birth control is prevention. Thus, you can neuter/spay your cat, or do not let them mate outside or inside your home.