Is Cat Grass Good For Cats?

Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 02:02 am

You might be wondering, is cat grass good for cats? The good news is that cat grass is perfectly safe. Cat grass will grow for around 2-3 months if you take care of it by keeping it in a bright area and watering it twice a week. It will thereafter perish. If you're growing it, give it to your cat when it's 3-4 inches tall.
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Cats form part of our environment, and most people keep them as pets. Suppose you love to stay with cats, especially during your free time; you might have seen them nibbling on the grass. You might have wondered why this happens, but cats eat grass. Another question you might be asking yourself is, what about indoor cats? This is where cat grass comes in and is safe for your cat.

Cat grass can be grown, and it can stay for about 3 months when being taken care of. What you must observe to see them grow well is to water them regularly and keep them in a bright area. To feed your cat with them, you can pluck them when they are 3 inches tall. As soon as they begin to droop, it would be best if you planted new seeds, so you pull out the shoots.

People may not appreciate cat grass’s health benefits to the cat because they do not know. It is not your fault; that is why we’ll take you through everything you would like to know about cat grass and answer the question: Is cat grass good for cats?

contains wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye, which are all crucial components for your cat's diet. Organic and high in fiber, which your pet requires for proper digestion.
The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

What is cat grass and is it safe?

Cat grass is used by pet lovers who keep their cats indoors as a treat for their cats. It can be purchased when they have already grown, or you may decide to grow yours as it does not require a large space. “cat grass” is a general term that refers to a diverse range of grasses that can be fed to cats. These grasses include: barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, rye grass, and wheat grass. If you want to grow these grasses, there are cat grass kits that have everything you would require to get started.

If you will want to provide your cat with grass all year, the best option you can go for is to buy seed bags and plant. This would save you significantly as it is considered the most cost-effective option. You may find that some brands sell only one type of grass seed, as others sell a blend. If your cat prefers one kind of grass to another, you should ensure that you feed it only with that type.

Nowadays, we have GMO grass, so we advise you to go for non-GMO seeds because they suit your cat’s health. Eating grass is a fun activity for your cat whether it stays indoors or not, as it is healthy. It would be best if you were keen on your cat eating grass from other outdoor places. Those outdoor places may have been sprayed with harmful chemicals, which will pose a significant risk to your cat’s health. So, it would be best to be on the lookout when your cat goes outside your compound.

Why do cats eat grass in the first place?

There are many explanations for why cats would eat grass. You must hear all of these explanations. On the contrary, those explanations may make little sense because we need ones that have scientific backing and not just hearsay. One mythical reason you probably have heard of this is that cats eat grass because they are sick. This myth has been debunked after studying how cats who ate grass may have been ill.

A study shows that most cats who consume grass, throw up afterward. The most appropriate conclusion the experts arrived at is that most cats eat grass for health reasons. Grass consumed stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, which helps in the removal of intestinal worms.

In wildlife, big cats such as lion or tigers often eat a big prey including its hair and bone. This causes their stomach upset and by chewing and eating grass, these big cats are able to vomit and that helps with their digesting process.

Health benefits of cat grass

Cat grass is good for cats, with numerous health benefits which you may not have known. There, let’s take you through these benefits in detail.

  • Minerals and vitamins

Have you noticed that sometimes your cat looks tired and doesn’t have energy? A scientific explanation for this is because there is lack of oxygen in your cat’s bloodstream. And this is when cat grass can be very beneficial to your cat because it contains a large amount of folic acid which help deliver more oxygen to your cat’s bloodstream.

The chlorophyll in the grass though not much of a benefit, helps freshen your cat’s breath. Unlike humans, cats cannot synthesize or produce vitamin D, so whether they are indoors or go outside, they will depend on food to get Vitamin D.  Cat grass contains high amounts of vitamin D; thus, giving them your cats is fantastic to boost the amounts of vitamin D in them.

Vitamin A is another essential ingredient in cat grass that boosts the cat’s immune system. It has an antioxidant that helps your cat battle the effects of air pollution.

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  • Grass is an excellent source of fiber

Cats predominantly feed on protein-based diets because they are obligate carnivores. However, a small quantity of fiber is essential for their health since fiber accounts for 0.55% of the cat’s natural diet.

  • It can help control hairballs

You might notice that your cat spends a good amount of time every day to groom itself. This will lead to hairball issue as it is very common in cats. While there are lots of cat food out there which will help with hairball issue, cat grass can also be helpful in this situation. Giving cat grass to your cat, it will be able to pass these hairballs out with feces.

One thing you will notice with your indoor cats is that if they desire any green roughage and will go outside to look for it in your compound. Sometimes your cats may knock down plant pots in your house and communicate that they require something green to eat. To avoid such antisocial activities from cats, you should get cat grass which forms part of their habitat.

There is no harm in giving your cat more grass to chew regularly; however, if they consume it excessively, you should be concerned. In such a scenario, you should not just take it lightly but seek the services of a veterinarian to examine it. The veterinarian will examine your cat, thus ensuring that your cat is neither deficient nor in excessive quantities of nutrients.

Is it true that cats only eat grass when they are sick?

As I mentioned above, cats eat grass to help with their digesting process. Whenever your cat ingests something that troubles its digestion, they chew grass. This will make them vomit, thereby relieving themselves of the problem.

Just because cats eat grass, you should not conclude that it is only when they are sick and uncomfortable. Cat grass helps their digestive system, and it is a source of fun for them as it provides them with something exciting and tasty to chew.

Growing your own organic cat grass

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit contains wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye, which are all crucial components for your cat's diet. Organic and high in fiber, which your pet requires for proper digestion.

There are a lot of cat products outside there you can buy for your cat. However, we recommend you purchase the Organic Pet Grass kit with an organic seed mix from The Cat Ladies, which guarantees good health. Their cat grass combines rye, barley, oat, and wheat grass, all the vital components your cat’s diet should contain. This grass kit includes a fantastic treat and cat hairball management, so you won’t have to worry about your cat getting hairballs.

It is simple to use since it comes with simple instructions. Therefore, you try out this awesome kit and provide your cat with cat grass whenever they want.


As we have seen above, cat grass is good for cats as it is part of the enrichment activity that stimulates wild cat behavior. Growing is simple and cheap; you only need to buy a pack of seeds and tend a small area of your compound to produce them. With this, you are assured of a fresh supply of grass that your cat will enjoy all the time. Cat grass is incredibly beneficial to your cat because it is rich in vitamins and minerals and adds fiber to your cat’s diet.