Dwelf Cat Breed: 12 Things To Know About

The Dwelf cat breed costs anything from $1000 and above. The most common illness of this cat breed is Lordosis.

Different species of cats exist around the world today. However, these species of cats can be grouped into hairy and hairless cats. When it comes to keeping cats, you will have to choose whether you need a hairy cat or a hairless cat breed. This cat breed combines the Sphynx hairlessness and inherits the short legs available in the Munchkin cat breed. Because of these shared features, the Dwelf cat breed might confuse you with the Munchkin and the Sphynx cat breed.

To void the confusion, you must learn more about the cat breed and its unique features. The Dwelf cat breed has numerous special characteristics that differentiate it from the other cat breeds. In this article, I will take you through the most exciting things you need to know about the Dwelf cat breed. The facts, including the cost of feeding the cat, its history, insurance, and vet care, will give you a clue on how you can perfectly keep the pet at home. 

12 Things To Know About Dwelf Cat Breed

You need to know many exciting things about the Dwelf cat breed. These characteristics make the Dwelf cat breed unique from other breeds you might know. Here are the facts about the Dwelf cat breed you need to know;

1. The history of the Dwelf cat breed

The Dwelf cat breed is a new breed of the cat specie with many bodies that regulate the cat keeping still not accepting it. The cat breed was first identified in the USA in 2005, being related to the Bambino cat breed, which was also created the same year. The cat breed got its name from its characteristics and appearance. Dwelf was formed by combining two names, “dwarf” and the “elf.” From the two names, the first part, dwarf, was awarded to the cat specie due to its appearance, which looks like a statue. The cat breed is pretty small with an elf-like look that makes them very adorable for many people that keep them. 

2. The different breeds of cats

The Dwelf cat breed was created from three different breeds that already existed earlier. These cat breeds include the American Curl, Sphynx, and Munchkin. However, the cat breed borrows most of its features from the Sphynx cat breed. For instance, its body appearance and the hairless nature of its skin come from the sphynx species. However, the Dwelf cat breed’s curled ears resemble the American Curl. 

3. Dwelf cat is hairless

The Dwelf cat breed is hairless and very beautiful, a characteristic that it inherits from the lineage of the Sphynx breed. However, this does not mean that hairless cat breeds cannot grow hair on their skin. The cat breed grows tinny hair during the cold season to protect their bodies from the cold weather. However, the tinny hair sheds off when the warm temperatures resume again, leaving the skin completely hairless. Sometimes, you might find the cat with downy hair covering its body. 

The hairs are always fine and tiny, so you cannot easily notice them if you don’t keenly look at them. For instance, when you touch the fluff, it will feel like suede. Lastly, the cat may lack or have short eyebrows and whiskers. 

4. The body size of the Dwelf cat

The cat breed is generally small, sometimes known as the dwarf cat breed. Because of their small size, you might expect this cat breed to be shorter than other breeds towering above all kinds of things. In addition to having a small-sized body, the legs, too, are stubby and short. Despite the legs being short, they are nonetheless solid and fragile. The cat also has a muscular body and a thick neck. In addition, Dwelf cats breed long and thin tails that mostly have their tip pointing at the top. 

5. The Dwelf cat breed variation

There are differences in the appearance of the Dwelf cat breeds from one cat to another. For instance, the Wrinkles galore type of Dwelf cats always have Wrinkles on their skin, making them very adorable. In addition, the frequency, shape, and number of wrinkles also vary from one Dwelf Cat to another. Therefore, when you want to purchase a Dwelf cat, think that all the Dwelf cat breeds are different in appearance. 

There is a color difference which also comes from the skin of the cat. You might find a Dwelf cat breed with naturally colored skin. This is the color that is the most common in them, which many people use to recognize them. However, some Dwelf cat breeds have their skin grey in color. Further on variation, you can find a Dwelf cat breed with a darker making which differs in their faces. 

6. Dwelf personality traits

Regarding personality, there is much more to talk about, which makes the cat breed loved by people. The Dwelf cats are always adorable, intelligent, and friendly to people and other pets. This makes them nicknamed puppy cats. Because of their friendly nature, the cats are always very social and playful. The cat will always love spending most of its time around you.

For this reason, the cat will feel happier when you provide them with more playing materials, such as toys. You can also make them feel loved by including them in your activities. In addition, pay the cat your attention and try to talk to them, and wait for them to talk back. The cat will, in turn, return your love with lots of entertainment.

7. Hypoallergenic nature

Most people who shift to keep hairless cat breeds fear keeping hairy cats due to their hypoallergenic nature. The hypoallergenic condition frees the cat breed from affecting people with allergies to cat hair, which is common in hairless cats. Dwelf, one of the hairless cat breeds, lacks hair, resulting in the allergic condition. However, this does not mean that the cat breed is entirely hypoallergenic. The allergies can still be found in the cat’s saliva, which might affect the allergic people. 

However, the case where the allergies are contained in the saliva is much lower than that of the skin hair. For this reason, the cat breed is less allergic than the hairy cat breed. On the other hand, some people become allergic to protein, too, while most people are allergic to hair only. Therefore, the Dwelf Cat breed can be considered a potentially hypoallergenic pet. 

8. Dwelf cat dietary care

Because Dwelf cats are generally short with small body sizes, they may not require special foods for their diet. They are not always fussy when eating and may survive on dry kitten foods. The dry kitten foods include pet feeds approved by the AAFCO body or the Association of the American Feed Control Officials. The most recommended cat feeds are the royal canin kitten food, the hill’s Science diet kitten, and much more. 

9. Grooming and general health of Dwelf cat breed

The Dwelf cats require higher grooming needs than other breeds of cats. Therefore, you will have to make a grooming routine to manage the cat’s needs. This is due to the dirt and the oils that accumulate on the cat’s skin. Most dirt and the build-up oils are usually accumulated around the cat’s wrinkles. According to pet vets, it is essential to bathe the cat at least once every week to remove the oils and dirt and keep the skin clean. Because their skin is hairless, they are very delicate and do not require direct or strong sunlight exposure. 

10. Common Illnesses related to Dwelf cat 

In the cat family, some illnesses affect specific breeds. Such illnesses are generic and will only be shared among cats with the same genetic breed. So, when it comes to the Dwelf cat breed, the most common illness the cat suffers Is Lordosis. This is an illness condition where the spine of the cat curves inward. The cat can also suffer from the Pectus Excavatum, a condition that leads to the deformation of the chest. This makes the chest curve inward. 

In addition, the Dwelf cat can borrow hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, an illness common in the Sphinx cat breeds. The Dwelf also suffers the same condition due to the generic lineage of the two cat breeds. The condition always results in thickening heart muscle, which weakens the cat’s body. 

11. Cost of the Dwelf cat

 Now, you may own one at home after knowing the interesting facts about this cat breed. The Dwelf cat breed costs anything from $1000 and above. The breed is, however, are, mostly found in the United States of America. They are always bred to bring out a specific look, as they are known to be much beautiful and adorable. 

12. Insurance 

There are always extra costs incurred when keeping the Dwelf cat breed. These emergency costs may arise unexpectedly and may be much more expensive to handle. However, if you purchase an insurance premium for your cat, it will help you manage the emergencies the pets face in their entire lifetime. Remember, the cat can sometimes get lost or damage your home property. Many insurance organizations cover such losses to make the pet’s care and keeping easily manageable. 


As a cat lover, I hope that reading this article has let you learn what you need to know about Dwelf cat breeds. Bringing a Dwelf cat at home will now be a manageable task for you, as you know how to take care of the kitten. When you apply the tips effectively, you will stand a chance to perfectly enjoy the happy moments with your kitten. You will experience the beautiful look, good laytime, and lots of cuddles from the kitten. Dwelf cat breed likes taking baths to always keep their hairless skin clean from dirt and oil. You will, therefore, consider them as water lovers taking frequent baths as their hobby.