Do Cats Have Souls?

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 01:17 am

Do cats have souls? Yes, Cats can create relationships, be pleased or jealous, and so forth, just like us. Read the article to understand what religions think about if cats have souls.
Image Credit: Diana Parkhouse/Unsplash

People have generally embraced keeping cats in their homes. Many do it for security, companionship, or as a hobby. Most cat owners can attest that they have grown deeply attached to their cats. This leaves the question, do cats have souls?  Souls are generally connected to emotions seen in humans and cats. 

It is uncertain whether cats have souls, but their display of emotions proves otherwise. Their ability to respond to situations makes people speculate that cats have souls. A cat can be said to have a soul about its character and disposition.

Is there proof that cats have souls?

The above question makes it a difficult situation to examine. This is because people have yet to learn about the afterlife. Cats can be said to have souls if there is evidence of their souls being in the afterlife. This makes one have a series of questions. Do cats die? Do they have nine lives? So far, this has yet to be proven. 

However, the abilities that cats have to make one believe that they do have souls. Some cats display intense emotions when they are with their owners. Some even can communicate using their body language. Cat owners believe a soul connection exists between them and their cats. They can feel and know the type of emotions their cats have.

How do cats’ emotions display their soul?

Many cat owners claim that they are emotionally attached to their cats. That their cats can see through them and decipher the kind of emotions they have. They can comfort them when distressed and even express happiness. The other undisputable fact is that cats can display many emotions. 

For instance, when they sense the presence of their favorite person, they run toward them, making meow sounds. This is said to be their way of interacting with humans. This, in turn, makes people believe that, for cats to act that way, they must have souls. This is true as their souls give them the ability to display emotions.

How do cats and the human soul interact?

Cats can easily detect someone’s character because they are uneasy when around certain people. It is believed that their ability to decipher real situations and flee when in danger shows that cats have souls. When examined closely, cats at times display fear when in dangerous situations. Most run to their owners for protection; this demonstrates their soul ties between the owner and the cat.

Many people have claimed to have been saved from danger by their cats. Some end up having a breakdown when they have lost their cats. Could it be the soul attachment that they had with their cat? It is seen that humans tend to get attached more to cats than anything else. The ability of cat owners to understand the need of a cat just by looking at them demonstrates soul interaction.

Does a cat’s soul differ from the human soul?

In reality, cats and humans cannot be compared because of their differences in appearance. However, when it comes to the issues of souls, are they similar? Cats are said to be able to display emotions like humans. One can easily detect when they are afraid, happy, hungry or sad. Many believe that the soul of a human and a cat are the same. 

However, they differ in terms of advancement. The human soul is more advanced and can perceive things more intensely. Human emotions are very intense and unpredictable. It may seem the same as that of a cat, but they have different advancement levels. The main point is that cats and humans have souls, which can be proven through emotions.

Even though others may argue that cats’ emotions come from instincts, it cannot be entirely true as the ability of cats to recognize a person is not just instincts. Cats can have a deep affection for their owners in terms of compassion and understanding.

Difference between cat souls and human souls

This can be proven due to the availability of soul and spirit in humans and souls only in cats. Even though both creatures have consciousness linked to the soul, they differ in spirit. The spirit is the ability of one to recognize the creature and know right from wrong. The spirit is said to be present in humans and gives them the ability to rule. 

In religious texts, humans were given dominion over all creatures on earth. Humans can control cats and perceive what they are communicating through the spirit. Cats do not have a particular religion, making it impossible for them to have a spirit. However, they are said to have souls. The spirit in humans can control both the body and soul.

Do cats’ souls have an afterlife?

It is not clear about the afterlife when it comes to cats. This is because when souls depart from earth, they are said to go to heaven. However, in heaven, there is judgment for the sins of human beings. So, can cats really be judged? The answer is no because they were originally creatures meant to be taken care of by humans. Some cat owners hold on to the belief that their cats are waiting for them in the afterlife. However, no one is certain whether cats and humans have the same fate.

Religious views regarding cat souls

In religion, the soul represents consciousness. Even though they can’t tell right from wrong, they have humans as guardians. Cats’ ability to follow instructions and rely on humans for protection makes it seem like cats have souls.

  • Hinduism

Hinduism holds that every living creature has a soul.  They believe in reincarnation in that during the life and death cycle; animal souls enter humans.  They believe the soul is reincarnated and liberated, making animals no exception to this life and death cycle. Both creatures are equally recognized to have souls since they die, and their souls are reborn.

  • Christianity

Christians have held the belief that cats do have souls. They claim that heaven is available to all animals. The body is said to be left behind while the soul goes to heaven. This indicates that cats have souls since only their lifeless bodies are left after their departure. However, Christianity does not say whether cats’ souls go to heaven or not due to the existence of judgment.

  • Judaism

Judaism has long upheld the belief that animals have souls.  Some Jews even do not consume mammals as they claim that’s where their souls reside. This makes it clear that Judaism does believe in the existence of souls in cats. However, it is still unclear which soul is superior to the other. In addition, it is unclear whether cats’ souls get to heaven.

  • Islam

Prophet Muhammad was said to be fond of cats because affection for cats is part of faith. Islam believes that cats are meant to be meticulously taken care of. That they are part of creation and are no less than humans. This means they are believed to have souls because of their emotional intellect. However, where their soul goes to after death is still unclear.

  • Buddhism

Buddhism says that the soul is present in a cat’s body. Cats are said to be spiritual as they stay with the owner even after life. Buddhism claims that the souls of the departed are present in cats. When one dies, they return to earth in the form of a cat and when the cat dies, it is freed to nirvana. Cats are highly regarded as great creatures as they bring luck. They are therefore said to have souls in them.


Cats have souls. The way they interact with humans is unlike other animals. Cats can know the emotions their owners are going through. They are also able to know when danger is around. Some may call these instincts, but the ability to detect different emotions is consciousness. Consciousness arises from the soul. Therefore, cats have a soul, making it easier for them to interact with humans. Although the topic is controversial, it is clear that cats possess souls.