4 Best Litter Boxes For Cats: Clean And Convenient When Cats Use Toilet

Last updated on February 5th, 2023 at 07:17 pm

This article shows various options for cat owners to choose what the best litter boxes for cats are. You can see key features and pros and cons of each product
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Are you looking for the best litter boxes for cats? Needless to worry because you’ve come to the right place. Those who own cats know how particular cats can be about their bathroom habits. You should cautiously choose a litter box to keep your house tidy, odor-free, and prevent messes. To get the best cat litter box, you need to consider the spacing, style, height, if it has a raised side, and how accessible it is to your cat.

A good litter box is free from dust and odor, plus you should check the clumping; this depends on whether your cat like clumping or not. Another thing you should look out for is how gentle the litter is to your kitty’s paws. Whether the litter box is scented or not is something you should also look out for as cats are very sensitive to scents; it is best to go for a litter box that can control odor, and if you go for the scent, ensure that it does not affect your cat. That said let’s find out the best litter boxes for cats.

Litter Robot 3 Core

✅ Three-month trial inside your house
✅ Personalize the cleaning cycle based on your preferred duration in minutes
✅ Time-saving since the litter box cleans itself, so you do not have to scoop like the standard ones
✅ Possible to use with multiple cats, and dumping is pretty straightforward
✅ Emptying the litter box can be done several times a week, depending on your cat
✅ Easy to monitor, and it gives you updates

Purina Tidy Cats (Non-Clumping) Litter System

✅ Cost-effective and comes with useful components
✅ Setting them up is easy and takes a short time
✅ Purina tidy cat is durable; you can use it for over five years if well maintained
✅ Possible to use for several cats

Modkat XL Litter Box

✅ Cleaning the Modkart litter box is easy
✅ Strong and durable
✅ Affordable price.
✅ Cats easily adapt to this great litter box
✅ Great design, plus it is compact

PetSafe Pet Scoop-Free (Automatic)

✅ Possible to use for multiple cats
✅ Cleaning is simple with the Pet safe scoop-free litter box.

See our explanation of the products below:

1. Whisker Litter Robot 3 Core

Whisker Litter Robot 3 Core has the top technology for pets

It is among the best litter boxes for cats from Whiskers, previously referred to as Autopets, which is a top inventor in technology for pets and high-quality pet supplies that have been in the game for twenty years. You can easily access their products mostly in the United States through the Whisker site online or on Amazon. This device weighs 28 pounds, and its dimensions are 24″ by 24″ by 34.”



Litter box 3 includes accessories like a mechanized cat litter box, a drawer liner for waste (twenty-five of them), and a trap mat. It has a grey ramp, three carbon fillers, and whisker care.

Cleans automatically

Litter box 3 is self-cleaning, which saves you the trouble of scooping; since it is automatic, it can filter your cat’s waste from a clean litter. This aids in keeping your litter box will be clean at all times.

Wireless control

All you have to do is link the device to a wireless network to use the self-cleaning option, which you can be done from the comfort of your mobile device or related gadgets through an application. You only need to remove your waste drawer and put in more litter when instructed by the application. Thanks to the ramp, fence, and mat meant for trapping; this will catch trash as it gets out, thus lessening the amount of litter that gets trapped.

Precaution and use

  • Put the litter box in the same spot as the previous one, then set it up. Ensure your dog gets used to the device for a few days, as this is new to them.
  • Use a litter scoop from the former litter box to give them a scent they are used to
  • Put treats at the front of your litter box to entice them, and they will slowly adapt to this litter box.
  • Your cat has to weigh 5 pounds or 2.2 kilograms for them to be able to use the device safely in its automatic state.
  • Avoid placing the litter robot on a wall or a corner; it should be free from any wall contact.
  • Avoid turning on the litter box with the bonnet removed or remove them while the Litter robot three is spinning.
  • Do not immerse the litter box base in water.


✅ It comes with a three-month trial inside your house.

✅ You can personalize the cleaning cycle based on your preferred duration in minutes.

✅ It is time-saving since The litter box cleans itself, so you do not have to scoop like the standard ones.

✅ You can use it with multiple cats, and dumping is pretty straightforward.

✅ Emptying the litter box can be done several times a week, depending on your cat.

✅ The application makes it easy to monitor, and it gives you updates.


❌ The litter box three core is pricey.

❌ You must pay a 60-dollar return fee if your cat fails to use it.

❌ It needs patience and expertise to function properly, which most people have trouble with.

2. Purina Tidy Cats (Non-Clumping) Litter System

Purina Tidy Cats (Non-Clumping) Litter System

This is also made into the list of the best litter boxes for cats from Purina Tidy Cats based in the United States, which provides credible products to its customers. It comes in multiple colors in an extra small size with dimensions of 19.15″ by 29.25 “by 15.25”, plus it weighs three and a half pounds.



Purina tidy cats come with a scoop together with the litter box, a pack of four pads for your cat, and two bags that can hold 3.5 lbs of litter particles. This means you can refill it every month.

Large kitty boxes

With this litter box, you can get a larger one made to provide your cat with an amazing experience. The box has an elevated side that helps stop tracking cat litter and contains messes.

Track free litter particles

Purina tidy cats have limited tracking near the kitty litter box, which means you will have a clean floor, and your cats’ feet will be clean.

Non-clumping system for litter

This litter box does not clump and can easily manage odor; cleaning it is a straightforward task.

Litter removal

When it comes to solids, they sit at the top of the litter box for you to easily scoop them, but the urine goes to the highly absorbent cat-littering pads, meaning no urine is clumped for scooping. Once the pad has completely absorbed urine, you can replace it with another one.

Often purchased with:

Purina litter particles refill in two packs

Pad refills which are scented

Precaution and use

  • The grated plate should be positioned mostly on the foundation so that the grate is immediately on top of the drawer, with the drawer part placed towards you. The system is built to funnel urine to the grate, so it’s important to align the grate on top of the drawer.
  • Put the sidewall and have its opening facing you above the base. Put the scoop wherever you like on the sidewall.
  • A single cat pad should be placed inside the drawer with the soft side facing.
  • Seven pounds of litter granules should be used to fill the box’s top; use the two litter particles that come with the box.
  • Pick up waste products each day and dispose of them. You can put more pellets if necessary.
  • Pull out the drawer to inspect and swap the pad. To increase pad life, you can turn the drawer.
  • You can fully draw out the drawer to throw the used pad away without touching it easily. Replace the base with a new pad after the drawer is empty.


✅ It is cost-effective and comes with useful components

✅ Setting them up is easy and takes a short time

✅ Purina tidy cat is durable; you can use it for over five years if well maintained

✅ You can use it for several cats


❌ At times the pee will make leek when taking out the drawer, which can be messy.

❌ Refunds are only available if you buy from the Purina website.

3. Modkat XL Litter Box

Modkat XL Litter Box is suitable for large cat and multiple cats

This litter box is from the Modkat brand, which makes products for big cats and multiple household cats, and it is among the best litter boxes for cats company available in the market. Modkat XL kitty litter box is large and weighs 4.3 kgs with dimensions of 17.32″ by 21.26″ by 16.54 “.


Multiple solutions (accessories)

Modkats’s seamless bottom ensures no leaking, a swivel top that you can easily take out, a scoop, and a recyclable liner make litter removal effortless.

Entry through the top/front

Modkat XL litter box has multiple options for your cat to get in and use, which is perfect for your cat. They can enter the litter box from the top of the front opening.

Track-free litter

Thanks to its top opening design, tracking is not an issue, making it among the best cat litter box. The lid at the top is meant to be a mat to prevent litter from getting to your floors. For the front entry opening, a walk-off area aids in ensuring the litter stays in the box.

Swivel lid

The swivel lid makes cleaning fast and easy as you only need to swivel and then scoop off the waste. Litter that your cat leaves at the top drops inside the box when you open its lid.

Recyclable liner

Modkat recyclable liners are designed to fit perfectly in the litter box. The liners cannot be ripped, and cleaning them is pretty straightforward; plus, they can stay up to three months.

Precaution and use

  • It is important to scoop often to ensure the litter box stays clean; for the Modkat XL, it is advisable to do this twice a day.
  • Wash the liner and box weekly; you should clean the litter box with hot water.
  • When cleaning your Modkat XL, avoid using detergents or soaps with scents
  • Instead of using litter that has a scent, you can add substances like baking soda that will absorb the odor.


✅ Cleaning the Modkart litter box is easy

✅ The litter box is strong and durable

✅ It comes at an affordable price.

✅ Cats easily adapt to this great litter box

✅ It has a great design, plus it is compact.


❌ Modkart XL is quite expensive.

❌ Setting it up might be tricky for some people since assembly is involved.

❌ The top entry may require to be adjusted.

4. PetSafe Pet Scoop-Free (Automatic)

PetSafe Pet Scoop-Free (Automatic) is one of the best products. They have been in the business for over 30 years

Pet scoop free is among the best litter boxes for cats from Pet safe, a worldwide brand that produces top-notch pet products that have been in the pet industry for thirty years, and it has experts in the United States. It comes in the shade grey and weighs 20.3 lbs. It is a second-generation type with dimensions of 20.3″ by 11.69″ by 28″.


Automatic waste removal

With pet scoop-free, you do not need to clean it; scoop the waste, plus you do not have to refill since the litter box cleans itself automatically.

Great control of odor

It comes with a crystal litter box that removes the smell by soaking urine and drying out waste products.

Few crystal tracks

Crystal is free from tracking, and they are free from dust; plus, they do not hold onto the paws of your cat. With the help of a cover with a hood, your pet scop-free will be clean on the inside.

Leak resistance

They come with trays that can be disposed of and a plastic liner to keep floors tidy.

Straightforward cleanup

For cleaning, you need to take out the tray and do away with it; every tray has a lid, making disposal a quick process.

Cat health monitor

What makes it the best cat litter box is that you can keep tabs on your cat’s well-being by checking the number of times it uses the litter box. This litter box has a front entry.

Precaution and use

  • Drain the previously portioned amount of litter to the tray and position it below your pet scoop-free box to control moisture and odor.
  • Plug in the litter box device, and you are all set. Cleaning starts twenty minutes once it detects the cat has left the box.
  • Place the given lid on the old litter tray and discard it when you’re ready to replace it.
  • Do not use clay or clumping litter with Pet scoop free.


✅ It can be used for multiple cats.

✅ Cleaning is simple with the Pet safe scoop-free litter box.


❌ It is expensive

❌ You still need to scoop waste regularly with this litterbox.


The best litter boxes for cats listed above are great for your cat, and although your cat may be a bit resistant to using some litter boxes, it is best to give them time to adapt. You can go for the Litter robot 3 if you are a person who is always busy or not around the house that often, as some litter boxes allow you to monitor your cats’ bathroom patterns through an application. Purina is great for a manual litter box as scooping is easy and keeps the litter box tidy. For large and playful cats, Modkat XL is great due to its large size, plus it has an opening at the top and front. The PetSafe scoop-free cleaning is simple because of its disposable trays and a great automatic litter box. Therefore, based on your budget and style preference, you can choose the litter box that best suits you. I hope this will come in handy on your next litter box purchase.

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