4 Best Toys For Indoor Cats In 2023

Last updated on February 5th, 2023 at 11:19 am

In this article, we discuss what are the Best toys for indoor cats, some key features and what are the pros and cons of each product. Cat owners will be able to make decisions on what the best toys are for their cats.
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A cat is a playful animal that cannot keep calm. At times they get too idle and end up damaging your furniture and clothes. Any pet animal that stays without exercise, training, playing, socializing, and mental health may develop some poor character. These characters make it hard for the pet to cope with people and fellow pets. That is why it is very crucial for your cat to have something to keep them busy as well as exercise. The best cat toys are the toys that allow them to play around and keep their mind occupied. Here are some of the best toys for indoor cats that can keep your cat busy in the house.

BuntyJoy Mole toy with catnip balls

✅ Helps your cat relax and gain calmness
✅ Cat training
✅ Exercise
✅ They are portable

Turntable cat toy with feather

✅ Boosts your cat’s physical healt
✅ Boosts your cat’s confidence
✅ Enhances the bond between you and your cat

Interactive automatic mice toy
Migipaws automatic mice toy

✅ The toy is innovative in the way it can be charged when the battery is off
✅ No supervision is needed
✅ The feather is easy to upgrade and replace

Interactive self-rotating ball cat toy
YOFUN interactive ball cat toy

✅ The ball can turn itself off after every 15 minutes of play
✅ Exercise as the cat is having fun
✅ Keeps the cat busy
✅ Ideal for family and cats

See our best toys for indoor cats explanation:

1. Civaner Catnip Wall Balls

6 pieces of Civaner Catnip Wall Balls come with 3 flavors: catnip, silver vine and silver vine fruit

The toy is best for your kittens and cats for exercise. If you own more than one cat, this toy will serve them as it allows more than one cat to play. The toy has balls that come with various balls that have different flavors that your cats can lick.

The Civaner toy is an innovative toy that combines a mole game for cats and licking mint balls. When you get the toy, your cat will have to learn how to play with it thus will enhance its level of IQ.

The six catnip balls are 100% natural thus they do not have health harm to your cat. It does not have any extra additives from any chemicals. The balls are in three flavors named: catnip, Silver vine, and the fruit of Silver vine. It helps in cat stimulation as they play and lick the balls.

The catnip balls can be replaced when exhausted. The toy can be used for some time without having to replace. All you need is to clean it well to prevent your cat from acquiring infections. You can replace the balls when the flavor is exhausted.

When your cat licks the balls on the Civaner catnip, their teeth are kept clean and bad breath is kept away. The flavors ensure that your cat can feed well, and food is digested effectively. The Civaner catnip can be used by cats and kittens over three months old. The toys weigh around 1.23 pounds which is not easy to carry when moving around. You can rest assured that this is among the best toys for indoor cats you can find in the market.


✅ It helps your cat relax and gain calmness

The catnip balls have a Nepetalactone substance that helps your cat be in an intoxicating mood. It ensures that the cat is relaxed and gets to the mellow stage.

✅ Cat training

Civaner toy helps your cat train since the balls help the cat react immediately. The flavors help the cat get active giving them an active mood to play and train

✅ Exercise

When your cat is trying to reach for the flavored balls, they have to use their legs and stretch them frequently. It helps in building better cat muscles

✅ They are portable

Civaner catnip is very light thus you can carry it when going for some time away with your cat.


❌ It does not help your cat with diet

As you know, cats are carnivores. The flavored balls are made of mint which is a plant. The balls do not provide any nutritional benefit to your cat

❌ Health complications

Ensure that the Civaner catnip is not always filled with flavored balls. When the cat licks the flavored balls some health complications may arise

2. MEWOOFUN Turntable Cat Toy With Feather

MEWOOFUN Turntable Cat Toy With Feather made of wood, come with a scratcher post and a feather toy

The turntable cat toy is an interactive toy for your cat and come second as one of the best toys for indoor cats. The toy can serve your cat as a toy and a scratcher. Unlike most kitten and cat toys, this toy is made of wood thus making it durable and high quality. As cats are playful, the toy might fall off frequently, but the material is good thus minimal damage.

The toy has a scratcher Pole that is made of pure sisal offering a satisfying cat climbing game. The sisal also fulfills the natural scratching activities of a cat. The toy a two-layer tracks whereby the first layer has two levels of tracks, and the second layer has eight moving balls. The balls are meant to attract the cat and catch its attention with movement. The toy has two sisal balls that make the cat satisfy hunting yearn.

The toy has a feather toy that is meant to activate your cat’s mood. When playing with your cat, you can hold the feather and move it around or tease the cat with the feather. Once you buy the toy, the packaging has instructions on how to assemble it. It takes less than five minutes of your minutes to install the toy. You can use it for more than one cat. In case of any complaints or questions feel free to contact our customer care and get a rapid response within 24 hours.


✅ It boosts your cat’s physical health

The toy has two levels that your cat can climb up and down as it scratches the sisal. This enhances the muscles of your cat making it stronger and thus a longer life span. It further prevents obesity in your cat which can raise serious health issues such as heart conditions.

✅ It boosts your cat’s confidence

If your cat is timid and fearful, the Turntable cat toy is best to help reduce the issues. The toy allows your cat to play and still have fun as they climb up and down scratching the sisal. The confidence is enhanced since the cat involves itself in more than one activity.

✅ Enhances the bond between you and your cat

During playtime, using the turntable cat toy can help you get a better relationship. You can roll the balls as the cat follows them around. The feather can be used to tease the cat too and make them feel loved and cared for.


❌ Hard to repair

Once the cat destroys the toy, it can be hard to repair it since it comes with many parts where that are hard to repair.

❌ The toy is heavy

The toy weighs around 3.5 pounds which makes it a bit heavy when moving around with it. In case it drops down on your fragile items such as a glass table, it may cause damage and breakages.

3. Migipaws Automatic Mice Toy

Migipaws Automatic Mice Toy uses feathers that mimic a mouse.

The toy contains a microprocessor chip, electric motor, sensor, gearbox, and intelligence software that is used to drive feathers that mimic a mouse. The mouse hides in seven different holes that are located at the top, three on the sides, and 2 levels.

The toys have been tested on over 10, 000 cats where over 99% of cats enjoyed playing with Migipaws toy. The toy was ranked as one of the most addictive cat toys on the market. The toy provides entertainment for your cat for hours. If you are busy during the day, your cat will enjoy staying alone without any boredom.

The toy has colorful feathers that look like a mouse that once it pops out, gives the cat the hunting and pouncing instinct. The toy can be used by any cat of all ages and more than one cat can play with it. If you own several cats, this is a perfect toy to help them interact with one another in a friendly manner.

The material used to create the toy is safe and friendly for all cats thus no fear of harm or danger. The toy has a sensor that can detect when a cat is approaching the toy from five inches away. After sensing, the toy automatically starts to rotate thus attracting your cat’s attention. The feathers start to rotate when the toy senses the cat. Also, this is among the best toys for indoor cats you can find in the market.


✅ The toy is innovative in the way it can be charged when the battery is off

The batteries are chargeable thus saving you a lot of money that could be used to purchase new batteries. The batteries can last for 7 days when your cat plays for around 12 minutes a day.

✅ No supervision is needed

The toy can sense the cat when it is five inches away and thus can automatically initiate the games when the cat is around. You do not need to be around to switch the toy on and off. Once the cat is not around, it can sense and put itself off.

✅ The feather is easy to upgrade and replace

The feathers are available on amazon that can be changed when the cat is exhausted with the ones available on the toy. There are many colors that you can select from.


❌ It is not safe for the cat to play when the toy is charging

When the toy is charging, keep it away from the cat to avoid the risk of your cat biting the charging cables.

❌ Health complications

The toy has feathers that the cat may end up chewing and even swallowing. This may cause stomach discomfort that may lead to health complications if not noticed on time.

4. YOFUN Interactive Ball Cat Toy

YOFUN Interactive Ball Cat Toy is rechargeable and keeps your cat active since cats love hunting.

The latest version of the YOFUN ball is rechargeable therefore you do not keep replacing the batteries once they are exhausted. And despite coming forth as the best toys for indoor cats, it has all it takes to entertain your pet. This will save money and time used to get the replacement batteries. The battery charges for only 1.5 hours. Once fully charged, it provides your cat with over three hours of playtime. The ball can self-rotate itself at 360 degrees. The main aim of this toy is to keep your cat active by rotating everywhere in the house. All you need is to press the button and the ball will start rotating around the house.

The ball has a sphere shape which makes it change directions swiftly. In case it comes in contact with chairs, tables, or the wall, it changes its direction immediately. When the pet is done playing, you turn the toy off. The ball has red lights and lights up when it is moving which attracts your cat’s attention. The light keeps the cat curious and will keep following the light in every direction. If you do not have too much time to watch your cat play, the ball can turn itself off after 40 minutes. The toy can be used by more than one cat and cats of all ages.


✅ The ball can turn itself off after every 15 minutes of play

The ball is automated in a way that it can turn itself off to ensure that your cat does not get addicted to the toy ball.

✅ Exercise as the cat is having fun

The ball rotates in different directions that the cat is supposed to follow. As the cat moves around, it exercises which gives it a healthy body and keeps it off some exercise-related diseases such as obesity.

✅ Keeps the cat busy

If your cat is dull, the ball will always elevate its mood. The ball rotates with some light which makes the cat excited and gets them in the mood to follow the ball.

✅ Ideal for family and cats

If you have young kids and cats, the ball will serve as a toy for both your kid and the cat. This will help them create a strong bond as they interact with the toy ball.


❌ Ideal on some specific floors

The ball works best on some floors such as clear and smooth floors. It will have a hard time moving around woven carpets.

❌ Addictive

The toy is addictive and if not taken care of, the cat may keep playing with one toy and forget about any other activities.

❌ The ball needs some supervision

As much as the ball can turn itself off after some time, you need to press the on and off buttons.

Final Thought

Cat toys have been very crucial to the lives of your cats. They help them grow their IQ and exercise at the same time. Exercise and interactions keep your cat healthy. However, you need to limit the amount of time that your cat spends with the toys to prevent them from becoming addicted. Some toys may cause some health issues in case the cat eats some parts of the toys. But hopefully, the list above of the best toys for indoor cats will go a long way in enabling you to make a well-informed decision.

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