Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts?

Why do cats raise their butts? The answer to why cats raise their butts is simple: they enjoy being scratched.
Image Credit: Christin Hume/Unsplash

Why do cats raise their butts? As a cat owner, you’ve probably noticed many odd things about your pet, but one of the most amusing is how they frequently stick their buttocks in the air when scratched. Did you know, however, that there’s more to this behavior than meets the eye? If you’ve noticed your cat exhibiting this behavior and want to know what’s causing it, keep reading.

Cats raise their buttocks in the air when they are petted; it is their way of expressing how pleased and happy they are at the time. Another reason for butt-raising behavior is when a female cat is in the “I’m ready for mating” position known as the lordosis pose. All in all, it is a sign of their overall happiness. Cats are built to be very flexible and agile, so when they are happy, they can twist and turn their bodies in all kinds of ways. Raising their buttocks is another of these methods. We’ll look at several reasons why your cat might be raising its butt, as well as whether it’s a good or bad thing, to help you better understand your pet.

Do you Have to be Concerned When Your Cats Raise Their Butts?

Lifting their bum and tail when you touch them is normal cat behavior most of the time. It usually indicates that they are enjoying the moment and would like you to continue scratching them. However, if your pet begins doing it on a regular basis and you have never noticed it before, it is best not to interpret it as a sign of love or excitement. 

They may be attempting to communicate itchiness or irritated skin. Examine their body for parasites or pain. It is always preferable to be cautious. Because cats cannot communicate like humans, their behavior reveals a lot about their physical and mental health. Some cats enjoy being petted and cannot get enough of it! However, unusual bum lifting can indicate disease, so consult your veterinarian right away if you notice it.

Why do Cats Raise Their Butts?

Does your cat go into elevator butt position when you stroke her down her back, lowering her front end and raising her hindquarters? If that’s the case, that’s a very common position meant as a friendly gesture and an invitation to continue scratching or petting her in that spot. Here are some more reasons why cats raise their butts.

It Is Prepared For Mating

Lordosis is the technical term for feline butt-up behavior, and if you see it in an unspayed female, it most likely means she’s in heat. Lady cats will often get super sweet in this state and pop into this position with any attention at all—in this case, it may mean she loves you, but it’s more likely to mean she’s ready for some loving from another cat. If your cat is unspayed and exhibiting such behavior, your best bet is to confine her and have her spayed as soon as possible.

Other signs that your cat is in heat include:

  • Excessive grooming
  • Being a little more affectionate than usual
  • Excessive babbling (meowing or yowling louder and more often than usual)
  • Attempting to leave the house on a regular basis

If you notice your female cat displaying any of the above signs, as well as raising her buttocks, it’s safe to assume she’s in heat. If you do not want a litter of kittens, you must ensure that your cat does not become pregnant, so consider spaying your cat as soon as possible.

They’re Having a Good Time

One of the most common and endearing reasons for your cat raising their buttocks or arching their back when you stroke them is that they want you to continue! They’re getting closer to you and almost forcing you to hit the right spot by lifting their bum and tail! It’s a huge compliment, and it means they appreciate your attention and affection. So go ahead and scratch them again for good measure!

Most cats enjoy having the base of their tails petted. The base of the tail is densely packed with nerve endings, making scratching particularly pleasurable. That’s why your cat will frequently come to you with its booty up, hoping to be scratched. Purring and meowing are also common indications that your cat is happy.

One of the most obvious reasons your cat enjoys being petted here is that the base of a cat’s tail is extremely difficult for them to reach, so if you have an itch, the only way to get rid of it is to convince a human to give you some attention!


Cats’ Anal glands produce powerful pheromones that allow them to communicate with one another, and you’ve probably seen cats sniffing each other’s butts as a greeting when they’re friendly. When your cat raises its buttocks toward you, it is most likely saying hello and inviting you to take a sniff.

Cats aren’t as well-known for greeting each other with a butt sniff, but they do it, nonetheless. If you pay attention to two cats getting to know each other, you might notice them with raised tails, allowing each other to sniff their hindquarters. Of course, this occurs only if the cats decide to be friendly in their first encounter!

Scent glands on a cat’s back produce pheromones, which communicate information about the cat to other cats. That’s why a cat sticks out their buttocks; it allows another cat to learn important information about them. When cats greet us, humans, they use their raised buttocks as a form of communication. When you find your cat’s buttocks in the air (or, yes, right in your face), it’s just their way of saying hello!

There’s Something in There

Another reason cats may assume the butt-raise is that there is something in/on there. This can range from a small stray nugget that can be easily removed with a warm cloth to something more serious, such as intestinal issues. Check with your veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong with your cat’s butt-raising. It could be nothing, but your cat could have ingested something that makes pooping unpleasant, difficult, or impossible.

Also, during their first few days, kittens rely on their mothers for everything, including grooming. One way a kitten helps mom keep them clean is by raising its buttocks in the air. This makes it easier for the mother to clean them, and there is a good chance that this is a learned behavior. Your hand may feel similar to its mother’s tongue when it was small, and it is acting similarly.

Scent Marking

Do you know what kind of odor cats have? Their pheromones are secreted by scent glands located throughout their bodies. Most scent glands are found around their face, paws, and tail base. And their hormones are essential for cat communication. Cats are notoriously territorial, and they enjoy spreading their scent on anything they believe is theirs. If your cat regards you as territory, you will be “marked” by the cat’s pheromones. When they raise their buttocks while being petted, they are marking you with their scent to alert other cats to your presence. Cats also like to reassure themselves by smelling familiar.


If your cat has just awoken from a long nap, their muscles may be stiff from being in the same position for an extended period of time. So how does a cat deal with that? They stretch just like we do! The most common cat stretching pose is with their buttocks raised and the rest of their body close to the ground! So, if you and your cat sleep together and your cat’s booty ends up in your face, don’t worry – they might just be stretching!

They’ve Got Fleas

Fleas, for example, can make your cat extremely itchy, especially around the back end. So, if your cat seems especially eager for you to scratch its buttocks, or if they begin scratching with its hind legs, you may have a flea infestation on your hands. Look for coarse-textured fur, bald patches, red bumps, or scabs on the skin. You might even spot some black sandy flea dirt or live fleas crawling around.

Even if your cat does not have parasites, it may be itchy. Itching can be caused by a variety of factors, including allergies and infections. If your cat suddenly requests that you scratch a specific area, look for signs that the skin is sore, red, or inflamed, or that they are overgrooming.

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There is a Medical Problem

It’s unusual for a cat to raise its rear to indicate a problem. Having said that, it’s critical to have any behavioral changes evaluated by a veterinarian, just in case. After all, if your cat suddenly begins raising their buttocks or moving their back or tail in an unusual manner, it could be a sign of itchiness, fleas, spine pain, or sensitivity. It could also be a sign of a cat bite abscess at the base of the tail, or a problem with the anal glands or nerves.

What if scratching my cat’s butt causes pain?

If your cat appears to be in pain when you scratch the base of its tail, we strongly advise you to take it to the vet to be checked for potential health issues. Pain in this area can be caused by kidney stones, kidney disease, impacted anal glands, spinal problems, and skin allergies. If your cat used to enjoy it when you scratched it in this area, it’s even more likely to be a medical condition. An early diagnosis can help your cat return to good health faster.

Should I be Concerned Because my Cats Never Raise Their Butts?

You may have noticed your friend’s cat raise their butt when scratching them and are now perplexed: “How come my cat never does this?” Let me reassure you that there is no cause for concern! Not all cats enjoy having their spines or tail bases rubbed or petted. Your cat could be one of them. For example, if your cat dislikes having the area near its tail scratched, it could be because there are so many sensitive nerve endings there, and scratching overstimulates or tickles your sensitive cat. Because every cat is unique and has different preferences, don’t be concerned; your cat is perfectly normal and healthy!


We can’t ask our pets why they behave the way they do, so we have to make educated guesses. Because cats cannot communicate with us, they must rely on body language to express themselves. Cats cannot communicate with other cats, so they rely on body language! To understand what our feline friends are trying to tell us, we need to learn how to read their body language.

The answer to why cats raise their butts is simple: they enjoy being scratched. They want you to start scratching them if you aren’t already! It is also a way for cats to communicate with one another, a way for a mother cat to help her kittens, a way for cats to stretch, a way for cats to mark their territory, and a common sign in a female cat with lordosis. We hope you enjoyed this brief guide and that it answered some of your questions.