What Is A Wolf Cat? Introduction To Lykoi Cat Breed

What is a wolf cat? Wolf cat aka Lykoi cat is a breed discovered by Patti Thomas. It is a natural mutation of domestic short-haired cats.

Can you imagine a hybrid between cats and wolves? It’s like a dream, isn’t it? But what if I told you that it already exists? The Lykoi cat, also known as the Wolf cat, has a similar appearance to wolves. It’s a newly recognized breed that has an extraordinary appearance. Because it is a newly recognized cat breed, it is still considered rare, and you won’t be able to see a lot of them. That is also the reason why these cats tend to be super expensive. But what is a wolf cat? Why is it expensive, and why do many breeders want to have one?

This article will discuss a Lykoi cat’s history and some amazing facts. I can assure you that you will find this breed interesting, and you might even consider having one. Without further ado, let’s start!

What Is A Lykoi Cat Breed?

Lykoi cats, also known as wolf-cat, are a breed discovered by Patti Thomas. It is a breed that was recently acknowledged by International Cat Association last 2016. From that time, it has been one of the breeds breeders wanted to have. Lykoi cats have similar features to wolves. That’s why they called it wolf-cat. A few people thought this breed was a specific breed from Sphynx and combined with other cats. However, a DNA test done by UC Davis disproved this, saying that Lykoi cats don’t have the genes of Sphynx and are purely a natural mutation of domestic short-haired cats. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

If you happen to see one, you’ll see that it is usually covered in black or grey fur. However, most breeders favor the black-colored lykoi cats and choose to crossbreed them with domestic black cats. This breeding method is used to preserve the breed and avoid inbreeding that might cause several health problems. Don’t worry; it is still possible for you to find these wolf cats with their original appearance. Fun fact, people sometimes find them in shelters along with other litter. There’s a slight chance that you already saw one if you love to go to some adaption facilities and shelters. However, there’s also a chance you ignored it because you thought it was sick or had major skin problems.

Regarding size, Lykoi cats usually weigh about 7-14 pounds, and they are considered a small to medium size breed. This may vary, of course. A study was also conducted to know why this cat breed has lesser hair than other cats and if there’s a reason behind the patchy hair pattern of Lykoi cats. They found no abnormalities or problems, but they found out that some of the hair follicles of Lykoi lack the required components to produce hair. But all in all, there is no problem with its skin. It’s just natural.

10 Facts About Lykoi Cats

We like to keep things simple. Instead of giving you a long article with tons of information, we choose to give you ten outstanding facts about Lykoi cats. We promise you that after reading this article, you’ll be more fascinated by this cat breed.

1. Lykoi Means “Wolf”

When we hear the word ‘Lykoi’, we won’t even think about wolves or cats. But in reality, Lykoi literally means wolf in greek. The term lykoi cat translates to wolf cat, a perfect combination of words that matches their appearance.

2. Lykoi Cats Are Playful Cats

When you first see a Lykoi Cat, your first impression is that they are a bit scary. It’s normal since their appearance isn’t like the cute cats you see on TikTok and Youtube. But, despite having a wolf appearance, they have that playful personality you’ll never think they have. They have a high-energy drive and enjoy playing with toys, especially active ones such as running mice and puzzles. If you own this cat or plan to get one, we suggest you buy toys to keep up with their energy.

3. Lykoi Cats Are Smart Cats

Other than being playful, Lykoi cats are intelligent breeds. Once you encounter them, you’ll notice that they observe a lot. They are always curious about everything, and if you see them play, you’ll notice that they love playing with interactive toys to solve problems. Some cats won’t even bother touching the toys they love to play with. So, just like we suggested earlier, if you want to have a Lykoi cat as an addition to your family, make sure to have tons of interactive puzzle toys.

4. Male Lykoi Cats Are Bigger Than Females

Lykoi cats aren’t large, but there’s one other thing you should know about them, males are larger. If you find a set of Lykoi cats and notice that some are bigger than others, they are probably males. 

5. Despite Their Strange Appearance, They Are Healthy Breeds

When you first look at them, you might think they are sick or have some kind of skin condition. But believe it or not, they are healthy. A lot of studies are currently being conducted to see if they have any health issues, and so far, they didn’t find any health problem specific to this breed. Still, it’s better if a vet looks out for them most of the time.

6. Lykoi Cats Maintained Their Feral Instinct

Lykoi cat breeds are playful and friendly, but still, they have their hunting instinct. Cats are ferocious hunters. They are brilliant and love to spy and observe. It’s the same with this breed of cat. Even if you raise them inside your home, their feral instinct is still with them. You’ll notice that this cat loves to spy on people and other cats.

7. Lykoi Cats Are Very Observant

Observing is one of their greatest skills as this cat has their prey drive. When introduced to new situations, Lykoi cats will observe things first to see how they should react. With that saying, when you first own one, do not worry if you see them observing from some corners of your home. It’s their natural way of coping up with changes, and it’s not something to worry about. Give them time, and they will definitely release their playful side soon.

8. They Are Not Completely Hairless

When you first research Lykoi cats, you’ll notice that they are always compared with Sphynx, but as we also mentioned above, they are unrelated. Even though this cat breed has almost non-existing hairs, they are not completely hairless and are not considered as a hairless breed. With the black appearance of its coat, people think that they don’t have any hair at all, but the fact is, they do. It’s just thinner than other types of cats. Of course, some Lykoi cats will have more hair than others, but they are not hairless breeds.

9. Their Roan Coat Gives Patchy Appearance

Roan coat is a coat color found in many animals. Despite having a black and grey coat, you’ll also sometimes notice that it has patches of white or silver in its fur. This roan coat gives the signature patchy appearance of Lykoi cats.

10. They Are Very Affectionate

Aside from their playful, intelligent side, these cats are also lovable and affectionate. They love their owners, and they will appreciate everything you do for them. Since cats are known to be aloof, it’s hard to get an affectionate response from them, but with Lykoi cats, you can be sure that they will always show you how much they appreciate you.

How Much Does A Lykoi Cat Cost?

Some people are lucky enough to find Lykoi cats in shelters, but if you’re not one of the lucky ones and you want to have them as a pet, be prepared to wait long and hard to get them. Since it is still a new breed and we can say it is still rare, you can’t easily find a breeder who can sell it to you. You can just think of the law of supply and demand, the lower the quantity, the higher the price.

Since it is not easy to breed, even if you find a breeder, I’m pretty sure that you’ll have to wait a long time before you get one. The price is also too expensive for most people. In the US, it’s usually sold for $1800-2000. Aside from that, you have to be ready to take care of it. Regular vet visits, brushing once a week, and the regular care routine for short hair breeds should be included in your capacity to take care of Lykoi cats.


Lykoi cats are one of the breeds to look out for. The good thing is that many people are doing their best to ensure this breed will survive. If you are hoping to get one, make sure that you are ready for its playful attitude and, of course, for the financial cost of this rare breed. If you’re lucky, you can find a few in some shelters, but if not, it will cost you a lot of dollars to get one. We hope that we gave you the information you need about Lykoi cats.