Adorable Pumpkin Cat Bed Your Cat Can’t Resist

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 12:40 pm

We bought a pumpkin cat bed for Max in Halloween last year. He is sitting comfortably inside.
Image Credit: Armarkat Store/Amazon

All you want to do at the end of a long day is curl up in a friendly, comfy bed. Doesn’t your pet have the same right? Cats sleep 12 to 16 hours each day on average. It’s not merely for the sake of spite or laziness. Their predecessors in the wild developed to sleep that long to conserve energy for hunting for their next meal. Even if our pets no longer need to hunt for food, our domesticated feline pals still require deep, lengthy repose. Pet parents understandably want their pets to be comfy because they spend so much of their lives sleeping. Of course, we want something extra, specifically designed beds. Let’s try some pumpkin cat bed!

Many cat owners face the problem of their cats ignoring the special (sometimes expensive) gifts we buy them in favor of the box they arrived in. So, how do you pick a bed that your cat will use? Since we are talking about pumpkin cat bed in this article, we will review 2 popular options and discuss them as informative as possible. Cats will have different reactions to it, but with the experience that other people share, you can mix it up and see if it will work with yours too. Aside from that, you should also investigate the materials used to make the bed and if it can be washed in a machine or must be hand washed. So, without further ado, let’s start!

#1. Armarkat Cat Bed

Armarkat Cat Bed has a black anti-slide mat under it, which also acts as a thick insulating mat to keep your cat warm and cozy while using it.

Brand: Armarkat

Material: Fabric

It’s the beginning of the year, but if your cat loves Halloween, give her this unique pumpkin cat bed. The pet bed has a distinct design; the inside mat can be removed and cleaned individually or washed in the washing machine. The design is perfect for cats and dogs, so don’t worry; even if we focus on cats here, you can still buy this adorable pumpkin cat bed for your dog. This plush bed is upholstered in luxurious velvet for maximum comfort. It is filled with extra-thick polyfill in the shape of a pumpkin and is available in orange. Although some buyers claim that the color is closer to salmon pink than orange.

This pumpkin cat bed also has a black anti-slide mat under it, which also acts as a thick insulating mat to keep your cat warm and cozy while using it. The mat is also water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry if you accidentally spill water on its location. The pumpkin cat bed can also act as a decoration during the Halloween season. Amazing, right? It is both functional and a great decoration.

Also, if you are worried about the brand reputation, Amarkat is known to be a company that focuses on pet welfare, and all their products are pet friendly. There’s only one downside to this product: the size. This pumpkin cat bed has a dimension of 20″x 20″x16″, making it suitable for small breeds of cats only. Medium to large cats may have trouble fitting in inside, but we all know that cats are flexible and might somehow make their way through this bed. Remember, this product is vacuum sealed when delivered, so shake it until it returns to its fluffy form.


  • Unique design that can double as a home decoration.
  • Water-resistant and skid-free base
  • It is covered in luxe velvet.
  • Easy to clean, and it is designed to keep your cat warm.


  • Designed usually for small cats and kittens only.

#2. Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave Bed

Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave Bed includes a gorgeous orange pumpkin with flowers and green tassels filled with warmth and love.

Brand: Earthtone Solutions

Material: Wool

Look who’s brewing! Oh wait, it’s just your cute cat. This cozy pumpkin cat bed and cave is perfect for your Cinderella companion. Cats naturally look for comfortable hiding spots to relax or play. These felted wool cat cave beds are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The product is thick and long-lasting thanks to wool, which is also comfortable and supple. Unlike more affordable man-made fabrics, felted wool will breathe, which enables it to provide toasty warmth in the winter and soothing cooling in the summer. This incredible pumpkin-shaped cat bed can comfortably accommodate one large cat, two smaller cats, or even a litter of kittens!

The design includes a gorgeous orange pumpkin with flowers and green tassels filled with warmth and love. Earthtone Solutions is delighted to support Nepalese artisan women’s efforts to produce the highest quality New Zealand Merino wool cat cave beds. This pumpkin cat bed is created using the wool felting process and is not mass-produced. In addition, this cat cave can be hand washed in chilly water with wool detergent. Let the cat cave air dry completely. Remember that you should not put the wool in the washing machine or dryer because doing so may cause it to shrink. This pumpkin cat bed is simple to clean and maintain; all you need is an ordinary lint roller for this purpose. It’s adorable, and we are sure you’ll find this comfortable for your feline companion. 

Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave Bed is slightly more expensive than other pumpkin cat beds. So far, the only problem with it is the difficulty in the shipping process and cleaning, but only a few complaints regarding the overall product. If the kitties don’t show interest, adding a catnip inside can make them curious to ride this bed. All in all, it’s a great bed that shows promising quality. However, cats that are of bigger sizes may not fit in this cat cave. Small to medium cats will perfectly fit and love this adorable pumpkin cat bed.


  • Wool provides comfort and a cool and warm feeling depending on the weather.
  • Hand-made product.
  • Can serve as a decoration as well.
  • Perfect for cats who loves to hide.


  • Not suitable for large cats.
  • A bit difficult to clean.
  • A bit more expensive.


We want the best for our cats, like giving them the best sleeping bed in the world. A pumpkin cat bed is a unique design for pet owners who loves the spirit of Halloween for the whole year. Also, it is perfect for felines because felines are most associated with the Pumpkin tradition called All Hallows Eve. However, choosing the best pumpkin cat bed might be a hard decision for any of us. For one thing, finding a great design is a piece of work. If you were to ask us, we would suggest you go with Armarkat Cat Bed as it is one of the most popular and trustworthy products. It’s highly durable and can work as both bed and decoration for your cats.

On the other hand, Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave also shows promising reviews. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but the fact that it is handmade and made from wool materials makes it worth it to buy. We all know that cats have different personalities and what will work for other people may not work for you and your cat. Make sure you consider their personality and behavior in choosing the design, color, and overall brand. Have fun shopping!