Meet Wrinkle the Duck,YouTube’s Newest Quacking Superstar!

Meet Wrinkle the Duck,YouTube's Newest Quacking Superstar!

Wrinkle The Duck (WrinkleTheDuck) aka Seducktive on Youtube is a famous duck that is not afraid of new things. Its video, with the highest views of 6.6 Million on YouTube, shows how to pick up a duck. The owner starts by finding Wrinkle, placing her hand below the duck with her palm side up, and then picking it up. He gives guidelines on unpicking a duck where you pick a duck, then put it down slowly till it touches the ground with its cheese feet, then release it. Since it can be tricky to pick a duck, he points out mistakes you need to avoid. If you are behind a duck or chasing it, you will have no luck holding Wrinkle. Instead, it is best to be in front of the duck and follow the pickup process.

Nothing can get in the way of this duck, as it is not afraid to tag along for car rides. Wrinklethduck is in the passenger seat on its way to DQ with the owner, and it seems so calm. Whenever he talks, the cutie quacks in agreement, and after some time, she hops into his lap and stares around, taking in the new surroundings. They quickly stop where he lets her put it in a tray full of water, and it flaps its feather in enjoyment. They get back on route, and he puts it in a stroller on reaching the store and pushes her around. It gets to enjoy some petting from strangers though others look shocked. He randomly gives her treats, and they get to the fortune teller, but when they get the reading to go over to DQ, Wrinkle knocks it over.

At DQ, Wrinkle enjoys treats and lettuce, which is clear by how he gobbles up the food. Once the duck finished its food, it kept trying to get to the owner’s food. As they leave, a man at the counter is intrigued by Wrinkles and asks to pat her. The owner puts it on the table and makes a dramatic exit ending the video.

Her tiny feet may fool you but Wrinkle The Duck is a terrific runner. It all begins at the starting point where Wrinkle is in line with some kids and their parents. When they begin the race, it starts at the back, and you can see it waddle through the tracks. After running for a while, Wrinkle gets water to boost her energy. At some point, the cutie gets tired and even reduces its pace, but after hydrating, it picks up its pace.

On seeing the finish line, Wrinkle cannot help but flap its feathers excitedly. The duck hardly has any competition, thanks to her running skills. It gets to the finish line, and they give the winner some water. It gets a medal for being exceptional, and they put it around her neck. On taking it off, the cutie gets a shirt they put on her and places her in the winner’s spot for a few photos. Wrinkle is tired but never shies away from its fun. The star poses for a few pictures with fans who can’t get enough of her.