How To Stop My Cat From Tearing Up Toilet Paper?

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 03:47 am

How To Stop My Cat From Tearing Up Toilet Paper? Make sure there are plenty of scratching posts around your house that are safe for cats.
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Does your cat enjoy terrorizing a roll of toilet paper or a box of tissues? It’s important to note that many breeds of cats are quite active. They need a full schedule of activities every day, or they’ll resort to finding ways to pass the time around the house. It’s true that not everything they find fascinating wins our stamp of approval. Cats find great amusement in unraveling rolls of toilet paper and tearing them into millions of pieces, which is why cats enjoy playing with tissues so much. If you give them a box of tissues, they’ll probably spend a lot of time pulling them out, and then maybe they’ll try to squeeze their body or something else inside the box when they’re done. As a result of your cat’s natural inquisitiveness and playful nature, you may need to replace several household goods. At first, it’s funny to watch them tear a roll of toilet paper, but eventually, it gets annoying. This article explains this behavior of cats and how to stop your cats from tearing up toilet paper.


Why Do Cats Love Tearing Up Toilet Paper?

Most cat owners, if not all, will attest to the havoc their feline offspring can wreak with a roll of toilet paper. Kittens are more likely to engage in toilet paper tearing, but energetic adult cats also like the activity. Big cat instincts are still very much a part of your cute house cat’s existence, which is why they usually cause havoc with toilet paper. The destruction of toilet paper can also be caused by boredom or, less frequently, health issues.

Cats are naturally curious creatures who have a hard time saying “no” to moving objects like the end of the toilet paper roll. When you attack it, it unrolls and that makes things much more exciting. It’s possible that your cat is preoccupied with the toilet paper because she doesn’t get enough playtime, is bored while you’re at work or asleep, or just thinks it’s great fun.


Cats are constantly on guard since they are prey animals by nature. A roll of toilet paper waving in the breeze is hard to ignore for such a skilled inherent hunter. To a cat, “grabbing” the end of a toilet paper roll and yanking it off is analogous to pursuing prey. According to International Cat Care, this “playing” with inanimate objects is an example of “predatory behavior directed towards inanimate objects.” If your cat is able to perform the cat bunny kick and dislodge the entire roll of toilet paper, then clutch it in its paws, it is acting on a basic instinct. The attack is fierce; therefore, you shouldn’t try to remove the toilet paper until your cat is done with it.

Health Concerns

If they have a disorder known as pica, in which they feel the need to devour inedible objects like wool, plastic, and paper, cats may chew on toilet paper. Unrolling toilet paper as a kind of play isn’t caused for alarm, but if your cat chews and ingests toilet paper on a frequent basis, Cat Health recommends consulting your vet to rule out any underlying issues like stress, anxiety, or a medical condition.


Cats prefer it when their people are around the clock; otherwise, they may resort to destructive activities like ripping up toilet paper while you’re away. Some cat owners may mistake their feline family member’s destructive antics for a deliberate attempt on the cat’s part to harm them because of boredom. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine calls this a “common misunderstanding,” noting that many harmful actions are “generally part of regular exploring and play.” It’s important to make sure your cat never gets bored by making sure you spend time playing with it every day.

Is Tearing Toilet Paper Considered A Behavior Issue In Cats?

Even though a cat has all of her digits, that doesn’t make her angelic. The opposite is true! Cat owners know all too well how much their feline friend enjoys sinking their claws into soft surfaces such as upholstered furniture, rugs, shoes, and just about everything else they can get their paws on. According to Dr. Delgado, “All cats need to play and scratch.” “If they don’t have healthy ways to release this energy, they might start ‘attacking!'” Your cat ripping toilet paper may be an indication of a deeper behavioral problem, but more likely it’s just an expression of the need for additional scratching posts.

How To Stop Your Cat From Tearing Up Toilet Paper

There are certain things you can do if your pet has taken to shredding toilet paper as a new hobby. To begin, make sure there are plenty of scratching posts around your house that are safe for cats. Dr. Marie Kerl suggests using sisal rope or cardboard, both of which have textures that appeal to cats’ natural inclinations and make good, solid posts.

If your cat really wants some toilet paper, it will probably find a way to get it. To prevent your cat from destroying the toilet paper roll, however, you can do the following:

  • Keep the restroom door closed.
  • Put protection over the toilet paper
  • Installing a vertical toilet paper holder, rather than a horizontal one, will reduce the likelihood that anyone may accidentally rip off a sheet while trying to use the facility.
  • The toilet paper should be reshaped to be more square and less circular.

Due to individual differences, not all cat tricks are successful with all cats. Some cats are afraid of the dark, while others might view a horizontal roll of toilet paper and say, “I embrace the challenge!” Divorcing your cat from toilet paper can be accomplished by distracting it with something more interesting. It’s best to do this when they’re young when they’re still kittens, but it’s never too late to try! Distracting your cat from bad behavior and rewarding good behavior, like attacking a catnip mouse or whacking a toy bird on a stick, is an effective and positive method of cat discipline.

Even though it’s funny to watch a cat unroll a roll of toilet paper, it’s incredibly wasteful. You shouldn’t recycle your old toilet paper, and you shouldn’t use the scraps, either, because they can be tainted with cat dander, hair, or even chunks of cat litter, or who knows what other pathogens might be lurking in there. However, it need not be a useless expenditure. To keep your cat entertained, you can recycle the empty toilet paper roll into a food puzzle, a homemade toy, or another activity.

Is Tearing Toilet Paper Unsafe?

Playing with toilet paper is harmless fun until someone accidentally ingests it. Tearing up tissue isn’t necessarily a reason for alarm, but if it looks like your cat is actually consuming the paper, you need to set some boundaries. Cats are particularly vulnerable to the effects of swallowing foreign objects, as noted by Dr. Delgado, who warns of the risks of bowel obstruction and vomiting. If you notice your cat has a habit of using toilet paper, you should keep a check on her.


Your cat probably isn’t playing with toilet paper to bother you or cause unnecessary paper consumption. Some naturally occurring cat activities can be damaging when they are confined to a house. As cat owners, it is our responsibility to strike a balance between the safety of our items and the well-being of our cat friend. Veterinary or veterinary behaviorist counseling can help you and your cat live together happily and healthily by identifying the root causes of destructive behavior and developing effective solutions for dealing with them.