Why Is Your Cat Looking Out The Window? 10 Reasons For This

Last updated on February 5th, 2023 at 11:52 pm

Why Is Your Cat Looking Out The Window? It can be something that caught their attention, such as a leaf blowing. Looking out of the window gives your cat stimulation.
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When you notice your cat looking out the window, you wonder what they have been staring at for so long. Many questions will pop up in your mind, such as ‘Does your cat want to go outside?’ It is normal for your cat to sit by the windowsill for hours at night or during the day. Cats are active during the day and night.

There are many reasons why your cat looking out the window. It can be something that caught their attention, such as a leaf blowing. Looking out of the window gives your cat stimulation. For most indoor cats, looking through the window connects and relates with the outside world. Let us look at the major reasons your cat loves looking out the window.

Cat window watching has become a behavior that all indoor cats have adopted. Studies carried out years ago show that most indoor cats love looking out the window as a fun activity. Most cats sit in the window for over 5 hours straight to stare out through the window.

1. Source of entertainment

At times your cat may get bored or tired of carrying out various activities. Imagine staring at the wall for hours and walking around the same rooms for days. It can get very boring. The only thing left to entertain them is looking out the window. It provides some environmental enrichment which might not seem like a big deal, but the cat will enjoy themselves. Cats are very observant, and they will stare at a spot or something for a long time. A bored cat becomes unhappy. They have to look for ways to cheer up. If your cat stares through the window for too long, get them to cat toys that will keep them occupied and active.

If your house does not have a windowsill or a table near a window, it is advisable to get your cat a cat tree. It will enjoy climbing and watching through the window on top of the cat tree. You can get an air conditioner that fits on the window, which will provide a comfortable place for your cat to watch through the window. The items can help your cat have an outdoor experience without letting them outside.

2. Source of warmth

During sunny days, your cat may require some warmth. As indoor cats, interacting with the outside world is not something, they frequently do. Sitting by the window will provide them with a direct source of sunlight warmth. During sunrise, the rays are reflected in your window. The cat can sit by the window and get warmth as the cat is grooming itself. Other times the cat may be looking for warmth to make them feel cozy. In addition, when the sun is out, your cat will enjoy looking at their reflection in the window as they gain warmth.

3. Watching people

Cats love looking at people carrying out their activities, such as riding their bikes. When you are outside taking care of your garden, your cat will keep an eye on you. Other times the cat observes some strangers and what they are doing around your house. It is normal for a cat to be curious about everything.

4. Watching rodents

Cats have their wild side. They love hunting and running after mice, rats, and chipmunks. Watching rodents play is also an entertaining activity for your cat. During seasons like summer, you will witness chipmunks running around the trees and digging holes in your garden. Watching the activities makes your cat excited. Unfortunately, it is an indoor cat that could just run out and chase them around. You can observe the time that your cat loves looking out the window. If it is during the day, draw your curtain if it can hinder them. If your cat loves looking out the window at night, leave the outside light on. When lights are on, moths and other animals might be attracted, providing entertainment for your cat at night.

5. Cat vision

Human being and animal vision is based on two types of cells, the rods, and cones. Rods are in charge of night vision, shadows, and brightness. Cons are in charge of vision during the day and internalizing colors. However, the cat family is unique and different from human vision.

Your cat has more concentration of rod cells than human beings and fewer cones. Having more cone cells than a cat means you can see colors better and have better vision during the day. Nevertheless, having more rod cells means your cat has a better vision at night. A human being’s peripheral visual field is 180 degrees, and a cat’s is 200 degrees. This means that when you are sleeping, they will sit by the window and stare outside. At night they will sense movement better than during the day. Therefore, the cat will sit and watch the activities and take note of movements around the house.

6. Watching birds and insects

If you have a bird, it will fly around the house when you let it out of the cage, and your cat gains a good mood. The cat will chase the bird and watch them fly from one corner to another. When your cat sits by the window, they are probably enjoying watching the birds fly from tree to tree or chasing one another. Cats gain the stimulation of watching birds fly because they love bird hunting when outside. You can get a bird feeder or bath close to your cat’s favorite spot on the window. It will attract birds that will keep your cat entertained when you are busy.

7. Cool breeze

Cats, just like human beings, love a cool breeze. When you open your windows in the morning, you need some fresh air and a cool breeze in the house. This happens mostly during summer when there is too much heat in the house, and your cat may feel uncomfortable. They will look for a place to get a breeze and cool down. The cool breeze allows them to sniff clean air and some dead animals or sweet food.

8. Licking condensation

During winter, the windows form condensation forms around the window. Have you noticed that your cat loves licking bathroom condensation when taking a hot shower? Your cat will enjoy licking condensation off the window. This is one of the best seasons for your cat. As your cat watches snow and rain drop down, it can lick the window and gain some stimulation. The cool glass during winter makes them cool off when they get too warm. During warm seasons there is condensation in the early mornings and late evenings. You might notice that this is when you notice your cat sitting by the window.

9. Curtains

Some cats hate when curtains cover the window. However, cats love climbing up and down. They can climb up the curtain and find a spot that will allow them to watch through the window. Cats love chewing blinds. Blinds give them a sensation in the mouth that they enjoy. You will notice that your cat climbs on the curtains and blinds and chews the blinds as they watch through the window. Tie your blinds so your cat cannot chew and damage them.

10. Intimidating dogs

If you own a cat and a dog, you must have noticed the cold relationship between the two. A dog will always bully a cat and even eat its food. When your cat sits by the window, they observe dogs’ behaviors outside. A cat loves sitting on the window to intimidate dogs. They watch and act as wild cats to protect the family from wild animals or danger.

Does every cat need a window?

If you do not have a window, do not worry too much. Just ensure that you keep your cat entertained good diet and workouts. Get your cat toys that can keep them active as they work out. If your cat does not love sitting in the window, add some window mounts that might attract them to the window.


Cats love looking out the window for several reasons. It might be a result of boredom, entertainment, and other fun activities. The activity may seem boring, but it causes stimulation to your cat. When your cat looking out the window, it should not raise concern. Just observe what they love and spice up the process. You can add a cat tree or get lights that attract moths to provide entertainment at night. Unless they look distressed, you should not worry when your cat looks through the window.

When your cat loves looking through the window, they acquire visual enrichment that helps them create a connection with nature. They can experience the real world just by sitting in the window. If you do not have a window screen, leave the windows locked to prevent your cat from going outside.

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