Can Cats See Ghosts And How Good Are Cat’s Senses?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 02:15 am

can cats see ghosts? If ghost exists then it is very possible that your cat can detect it due to its advanced senses compared to human's. However, if you cats appear to react to something that isn't there, they could be in a stressful situation. The article also gives you some expert's opinion on if cats can see ghosts.
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We’ve all seen horror movies in which the dog or cat responds to something that no one else in the room can see. Animals have an extraordinary ability to detect danger, emotions, and even things we don’t fully comprehend as humans. Throughout history, cats have been associated with the occult, giving rise to Halloween and the dreaded black cat. This raises the question, can cats see ghosts?

Let’s investigate whether cats can see ghosts or not. We’ll discuss everything from cat mannerisms to superstitious beliefs, as well as how these cuddly felines were treated in previous cultures. All of these elements may contribute to some people’s belief that family cats are more spiritually connected than humans. Let’s look at every part of the question so you can come up with your own response.

Mythology of Cats

Cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, and Egyptian culture is famous for its attachment to cats. Killing a cat was considered a crime, and those who committed it were severely punished. If a household’s pet cat died, everyone in the family had to shave their brows. Bastet, often known as Bast, was an Egyptian goddess of protection and cats. She was Ra’s daughter and his defender; she was also the guardian of women’s secrets and a protector against evil spirits and sicknesses.

Not only did the ancient Egyptians revere the cat, but they also saw it as a means of communicating with the realm of spirits. If Egyptian legend is to be accepted, cats may speak with ghosts and may be able to clearly recognize one. Cats, according to ancient Egyptian mythology, are intermediaries between the human and spirit realms. Could that be correct?

Can Cats See Ghosts And Spirits?

To begin, let us define ghosts and spirits. Spirits are made up of the energy of a soul that has died. Ghosts are imprinted images of a deceased person or animal. If you believe your cat has seen a spirit or ghost, there are indications you can search for.

  • Though your cat is staring at something that appears to be unseen and then pawing at the air as if trying to make contact.
  • Hissing when there is nothing there, cowering beneath the bed, or being scared for no apparent reason. Any unusual behavior from your cat could indicate the presence of a spirit.

Cats’ unexpected behavior has fascinated mankind throughout history. Cats appear to be in their own universe, looking around at things we can’t see or hear but are cats capable of viewing another reality entirely? If there are ghosts, they may be able to see and speak with cats. Cats, unfortunately, cannot communicate, thus they cannot inform us of any ghostly presence.

Human Senses Compared to Cat Senses

Cats have superior natural sensing abilities to humans. Because they are both prey and predator animals, they require these enhanced senses to seek prey and avoid predators. These advance senses might be the reason why we see cat behaviors as paranormal.

Cats And Their Eyesight

When it comes to vision and eyesight, cats are one-of-a-kind. Cats have six to eight times the number of cells that humans do to see objects in dim light. The ability to see in the dark belongs to cats, but the ability to see in color belongs to humans.

Kitties have better vision than humans. During the day, cats have difficulties focusing up close, and objects far away appear blurrier to them than to humans. They have a far wider range of vision than humans, and they have a third eyelid to protect and keep their eyes wet. Humans can perceive three colors, however cats can only see two: blue and yellow hues. Instead of a third hue, felines enjoy an advantage due to their night vision. Humans can have night vision if they get night vision goggles.

A cat’s vision is incredibly acute, but only in the center of its range of vision. Because the outside is hazy, they must rely on other senses such as smell and hearing when in predator mode. In fact, a 2014 study found that both cats and dogs detect light spectrums that humans do not, such as ultraviolet (UV) light. Something else interesting? Cat eyes contain six to eight times as many light-sensing rods as human eyes, which means they can see far more in low light – which is presumably why they like to run about the house in the middle of the night having all kinds of adventures.

Cats Hearing

A cat’s hearing is similar to that of a satellite dish, taking up even the smallest noise. Felines can hear at far higher frequencies than their canine counterparts. Dogs can hear up to 45 kHz, but humans can only hear up to 20 kHz, and cats can hear up to 79 kHz.

The ear provides cats with a remarkable sense of balance, while the tail works as a counterbalance, allowing them to do incredible acrobatic feats. Cats can detect high-frequency sound sources 3 feet away that are only 3 inches apart.

Cats can detect sounds that humans are unable to hear. Because of their incredibly high frequency, these noises are inaudible to humans. So, the next time your cat darts her head from side to side, it could be a ghost or a squirrel scurrying outside your window that she is trying to locate.

The Whisker Touch

Cat whiskers have crucial roles. These specialized hairs aid their vision and aid in their navigation of the world. Airflow and vibrations, for example, are picked up by a cat’s whiskers and relayed to its brain. A cat’s whiskers allow them to investigate their environment more precisely. Could this sensory equipment detect paranormal activity as well? This one is still up for debate.


Cats have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Humans have approximately 5 million odor detectors in their nostrils, but cats have over 200 million. This means that cats can detect scents 14 times better than humans. Cats have another smell detector in their mouth called the Jacobson’s organ, which is located in the upper section of their mouth. If you’ve ever noticed a cat staring at something with its jaws slightly open, it could be because it’s sniffing something out with its olfactory organ.

So, what is the connection between this feeling and ghosts? People have reported smelling various odors when they believe a spirit is nearby. Perfumes, cigarettes, or other odor-emitting substances preferred by a deceased loved one are examples of this.

Do Cats Possess the Sixth Sense?

A sixth sense is a concept that refers to the ability to see things beyond our five senses. While cats have more acute senses than humans, this does not necessarily imply that they have a sixth sense. The keen senses of cats allow them to perceive minute changes in the environment more effectively than humans. They are also more sensitive to their surroundings than humans.

Cats have been reported to be able to foretell things like pregnancy or sickness. Some pregnant mums claim that their cat began acting strangely before a positive pregnancy test. Similarly, sick people stated that their cats became unusually attentive and craved their attention. However, most scientists believe that cats did not foresee these events. Instead, their enhanced senses most likely alerted them to changes in their masters’ life.

The chemistry of a woman’s body alters as she becomes pregnant. Blood flow increases, which raises their temperature, and hormonal fluctuations impact their personal aroma. A cat is most likely picking up on these changes. Similarly, when people become ill, their fragrance changes as their immune system goes into overdrive. Cats feel more secure around fragrances they recognize, while aromas they don’t recognize may pique their interest. This is most likely why your cat is clinging to you so tightly.

Seeing Ghosts vs. Stress Signs

While it may appear amusing or humorous to observe your cat reacting to something that isn’t there, if this behavior becomes repetitive, it could indicate that your cat is reacting to a stressful situation. If this is the case, carefully assess the issue and eliminate any triggers that you believe are producing worry or anxiety in your pet.

What Do Experts Say?

People enjoy telling ghost stories about cats, particularly around Halloween. However, if you speak with certain animal specialists, you may come to believe that cats can see and maybe interact with ghosts, spirits, or other paranormal beings. Jackson Galaxy, cat behavior and wellness expert and the host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, agreed to an interview with The Cut’s Madeleine Aggeler.

Galaxy responded, “Cats have evolved to sense things that we as humans cannot.” Their eyes can see in complete darkness, their hearing is six to eight times greater than ours, and their whiskers are built to sense everything from temperature changes to air current changes.”

While these modifications do not prove that cats may view the spirit world, Galaxy does mention that he has had his own experiences with strange cat behavior. His cats are always picking up energy in the house, and he admits to believing in the spirit realm.

Aggeler visited with Katherine Bozzi, an animal communicator who employs meditation to communicate with both live and deceased animals, to learn more about the subject. “Animals in general are more open to experiencing spiritual connections than humans… because they’re not culturally conditioned to dismiss these moments as pure imagination,” Bozzi wrote in an email.

It’s difficult to say for certain whether cats can detect ghosts, angels, or other paranormal phenomena, although a sizable percentage of individuals believe they can.


Is it possible for cats to see ghosts? If ghosts and spirits exist and are there, then cat’s advanced vision and hearing could help them detect ghosts. Could it be a ghost if your cat suddenly arches her back and hisses at what appears to be nothing? Some experts believe that trauma and emotions generate an energy field, which can transform into visuals and noises.

We as humans deal with emotional concerns, and if those issues are serious enough, we may be emitting this energy that we cannot see, but our cats can. Our cats may perceive extreme forms of energy, which could be from ourselves or our ghostly visitors.