20 Black Cat Names From Movies You Can Use

20 black cat names from movies for you to use. Do you know any of these movies and which cat do you like most?
Image Credit: Arina Krasnikova/Pexels

Almost everyone loves movies. Whether animated, action, or romantic, you’ll always find one you can relate to easily. So, when a pet is in your house, you might consider parking it with a name that reminds you of your favorite movie or actor. You may choose a name that sounds funny or helps you commemorate earlier days. While looking for your black cat’s name from movies, ensure that it matches her appearance and personality. This article explores the best black cat names from movies. You can get your black cat a perfect name from these creative and classic names.

1. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire is a cat name in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie. With the mysterious and wide mischievous grin, the movie delighted audiences in various film and Television formats. In the play, this cat could disappear while leaving behind a mocking smile. You can name your cat ‘Chesire’ if it loves cream, milk, cheese and has a smug disposition. The name can also suit a cat that can get perplexed and amused at the same time.

2. Snowbell from Stuart Little

In the movie, Snowbell was a cat that Nathan Lane voiced from the Lion King. Snowbell was a disturbing pet to the main actor. The cat despises Stuart at one point but later mends up and becomes friends. This friendship involves being together for some time and protecting each other. Snowbell could fit your black cat that’s slow to warm up visitors.

3. Mr. Tinkles

Mr. Tinkles formed the main Villain in the Movie ‘Cats and Dogs.’ Similar to Snowbell, this cat has more negatives. Cats and Dogs movie enthusiasts know this cat for its hatred of dogs. Mr. Tinkles was also famous in the movie for his devious plan to make humans allergic to cats. Although everyone wants a pet that gets along with everyone, this name can suit your cat that despises its space with dogs.

4. Mr. Bigglesworth

Whether your black cat is hairy or not, Mr.Bigglesworth is one of the best names. It’s a name originating from the Austin Power Movie. According to Austin Powers, Mr. Bigglesworth was a mini-me version of a human being. What type of cat is the name perfect for? The name is perfect for a black cat that enjoys sitting on your lap while it seems to be syncing its agendas and hidden thoughts.

5. Garfield

It’s a perfect name originating from the movie ‘Garfield the Cat’ movie. While appearing in comic strips and cartoons, Garfield considers himself a gourmand having a deep love for Italian cuisine and lasagna. Despite being famous worldwide, this pet is very lazy and enjoys occasional coffee treats. The name will sound nice for a kitten that enjoys tormenting or playing with dogs and displays a gluttonous greed character.

6. Buttercup

If you’ve been a lover of ‘ The Hunger Games,’ it’s impossible to forget Buttercup. The cat was first black before transforming into a white, then fluffy orange tabby. When in a mild temper, Katniss threatens to eat Buttercups. Nonetheless, they later turn out to be great friends as the series ends. You can give your cat that has gone through alot this name as a reminder of the feline’s gentler side. The name could also indicate a furry friend that comforts you while in need.

7. Bitey

As the movie ‘Kick-Ass’ begins, Aaron starts by saving Mr. Bitey. Mr. Bitney is a cat that has been lost and can’t find individuals to save it. The main actor finds the cat on a billboard and attempts to save it from the hostile environment. Mr. Bitney is one of the best black cat names from movies for your cat that loves to bite. It suits a cat that usually likes nipping on your toes and fingers.

8. Milo

Milo is a common cat’s name from ‘The Adventures of Milo and Otis.’ The movie is a common story of a pug and a cat in different adventures that result from a split up. These two had a dangerous and long journey which was a testament to their friendship. You can name your black cat that usually finds itself in trouble, Milo. Besides a cat that gets in trouble often, the name can also suit an adventurous pet.

9. Sassy

Sassy is a common movie-inspired name that originated from the Movie Homeward Bound. It’s a name for a Himalayan cat with a wide range of Disney properties. By looking at the name, you can tell Sassy is a cute and attractive dog. You can name your cute or attractive Sassy. It can be a good black cat name if you’ve got several pets in your home.

10. Isis from Star Trek

Despite originating from an Egyptian Goddess, the name is familiar in the Star Trek series. It’s a pet that spoke through telepathy during the whole series. Isis suits your black cat that’s evocative of magic, secrets, and mystery. It can also be a perfect name for a black cat that can read your mind and develop a special bond regardless of your closeness.

11. Tom

Tom is a famous movie-inspired black cat name from the Tom and Jerry movie. It’s a common movie most individuals have heard of or watched. Tom is a descriptive name for a domestic and short-haired cat who is the enemy of Jerry in the movie. Tom sounds like a great name for your black cat that’s trying to stay pure and simple. In addition, the name suits a cat that lives without requiring special treatment or fussing.

12. Stimpy

It’s a common black dog name that originates from a crazy show (Ren and Stimpy). In the movie, Stimpy is a chubby and dumped cat that is constantly aggravating toward a certain Chihuahua (Ren). This movie was full of disgusting references and violence with irreverent humor. This cat name can suit your plump, clumsy, and dopey black kitten.

13. Spot

The Spot is a common black cat movie-inspired name that originates from Star Trek. In the series, this pet receives a lot of attention and care from Data, who shows the cat love and care. Despite being a common dog name, you can name your cat Spot. It suits a pet that can turn even the coldest individuals into a fur-stroking and fun-loving devotee. You can consider naming your cat this name to honor this show.

14. Floyd

Floyd is a common cat that belongs to Moore, who is the main character in the ‘Ghost.’ Most individuals love this movie due to its numerous well-known actors. Regardless of your stance on movies, your black cat will always suit this name. It’s one of the most common black cat names in movies.

15. Rhubarb

If you’re a movie lover, Rhubarb is one of the common names you might have heard. In the movie, this cat is a feisty feral-turned-pet cat. The cat becomes the beneficiary of its owner’s failing baseball team and money after a prominent millionaire takes it in. Rhubarb is a clever cat that motivates the team to succeed. If you prefer a unique name for your dog, this name fits the bill.

16. Winkie

Winkie is a popular name in Witch Mountain. The name represents a companion for Tony Malone and Tia. This cat is a loyal companion and friend to children and uses a quick wit to help them through the play. Winter is a great movie-inspired name for your black cat. It’s the best name when looking for a less common name for your little pet.

17. Duchess

While the movie ‘Babe’ seems like a stubborn cat, it can be the best name for your lovely pet. Babe is one of the most loved movies among animal lovers. Nonetheless, not all the animals in this movie possess the best or most positive traits you’d want on your pet. If you’ve got a jerk cat in the home, Dutchess can be a name that suits it.

18. Sylvester the Cat

Your black cat doesn’t have to possess Tuxedo characteristics to get a sweet name. Sylvester is a popular name in the Looney Tunes movie. While a baby kangaroo seems to outsmart it, this cat has been trying to avoid starvation in the movie. You can name your pet Slyvester if it has an unending quest for meals.

19. Salem

Who doesn’t love a talking and wise-cracking cat? Salem can be a better alternative if you’re looking for the best and most unique black cat names from movies. In the movie ‘Sabrina the Teenage’, the cat sometimes transforms into a robotic version. The name suits a cat that desires world domination or becoming famous.

20. Jones from Alien

Despite the assumptions, you don’t need to be a traveler to name your black cat Jones. Jones is a famous character in the Alien. The cat encounters a large xenomorph that kills a poor crewmate. According to the Alien, Jones cuddles with Ripple in hypersleep for 57 years. The name suits a pet that doesn’t have a fear of getting back when confronting someone or in dangerous situations.


You may have a wide range of possible names in movies you can give to your black cat. Whether musical, adventurous, cartoon, or animated films, you’re sure to find a name that fits your lovely pet. Above are the top black cat names from movies you can choose for your favorite pet. Regardless of the name you choose, let it match your cat’s appearance and personality.